Ted Cruz Delivers Blistering Grilling of Biden's Radical FCC Nominee, Gigi Sohn

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We’ve seen a lot of effort to censor conservatives and folks who won’t just mimic the liberal narrative. That’s one of the things revealed in the Twitter files, with tweets and accounts causing shadow banning or visibility filtering. We saw coordination with the Biden team as well as the staff for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) trying to suppress a journalist for what he wrote about Schiff. As we reported, Redstate was even put on a blacklist, along with many other conservative sites by Microsoft-owned Xandr, a major advertising company, which red-flagged our site while not taking the same action against left-wing sites. Fortunately, that appears to have now been lifted.


That’s why Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) highlighted on Tuesday the importance of having an impartial person heading up the FCC when it has such power over communications. But instead, he said, we have Joe Biden proposing Gigi Sohn. Cruz was so concerned he released a video about the radical candidate.

She’s so radical that groups like the Fraternal Order of Police have come out against her for being anti-police. Here’s what their VP said about Joe Biden trying to sneak her through again, after trying before.

Cruz had a lot more to say about her during her hearing and this is a blistering takedown that dealt with everything from being anti-police to her “campaigning to censor Conservatives.” Cruz laid out all her issues including her ethics and her honesty, her vitriol against her political opponents, and not being straight with the Committee in the past. But perhaps most concerning of all was the fact that she was making donations to senators who would be voting on her nomination as her nomination is being considered.


“Just this past year, while her nomination was pending, Ms. Sohn was making multiple financial donations to Senators who were charged with voting on her confirmation. Had this been done by a Republican nominee I have no doubt that my Democrat colleagues and their media allies would be apoplectic at this point.” Rightly so, how can you be making donations to people who are going to vote on you? That practically screams improper. “But sadly, this level of unseemliness is a pattern with Ms. Sohn,” Cruz declared.

Cruz then grilled Sohn, particularly going after her on those donations.

“I’ve never seen a nominee make contributions to Senators while your nomination is pending,” Cruz said. “You’ve been a significant political donor over the years, giving over $32,000. Do you believe it was poor judgment to give 12 separate political contributions to Democrat Senators while your nomination was pending?”


“Senator, I’m a citizen who just wanted to participate in the Democratic process.” She then said “no” it wasn’t poor judgment, everything was cool if they were “relatively small donations.” Cruz responded, “It was over $1000.”

That response, in and of itself, should be disqualifying, even without all the radical positions. If you don’t see a problem with giving money to people who are voting on your nomination, either you’re not being honest and/or you don’t have the judgment to be in such an important position.

What she said about the networks that she might have some purview over if she were the head of the FCC was illuminating. Cruz asked her about listening to MSNBC and its closeness to the Biden administration.

She ducked that question, claiming that she didn’t listen to MSNBC or CNN, that she listened to NPR. That’s sort of hilarious since NPR is usually where the smug leftists go who think they’re above MSNBC and CNN. In other words, if you’re trying to deny your bias, it’s not helped by proffering up NPR, it’s making it worse.

Plus, as some pointed out, this wasn’t exactly an honest response.


It’s funny that a Biden FCC nominee is sort of implicitly putting down MSNBC and CNN.

But this is a nomination that should not have been brought back, she should be rejected out of hand.


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