Two More Train Derailments in Texas and in South Carolina Raise More Concerns

Train derailment, Montgomery, Texas. (Credit: ABC 13)

We reported earlier on the train derailment that took place in East Palestine, Ohio ten days ago on Feb. 3. Because there were chemicals on board the cars and they were concerned about a potential explosion, they had what they said was a “controlled release” of chemicals to reduce that risk after evacuating residents within a one-mile area. But now, many people are concerned about the effects of the release despite the assurances as to the quality of the air. Animals in the area are dying and it’s understandably making people upset. A reporter who was covering the story and asking questions also was arrested, which is not making people happy.


Now on Monday, two more train derailments are raising questions — one in Montgomery, Texas as well as another in Enoree, South Carolina.

The derailment in Montgomery (which is north of Houston) happened this morning around 7:30 a.m. and was caused by hitting a truck on the tracks. The truck driver was killed.

21 cars derailed in the crash. So far there doesn’t appear to be any hazardous spill. The train included some hazardous materials, so Union Pacific is monitoring the air quality at the site of the crash, according to the Splendora Police Department.

Union Pacific spokesperson Robynn Tysver confirmed that its hazmat crews were on site, adding that an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel was released by the truck involved in the crash.

“From what we’re being told and shown, there’s no major chemicals to be concerned about,” Teller said. “It’s more so household chemicals on board for retail purposes. It’s not a large quantity from what we’re being told.”


There was also a second derailment on Monday afternoon in Enoree, South Carolina. CSX Transportation is on the scene and it looks like fluid tankers from the pictures, but there’s not a lot of information yet. It’s not clear what caused the derailment there. You can see a video here.

These are developing stories and we will keep you updated as we learn more information.


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