More Dems Line up to Throw Kamala Under the Bus

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As my colleague, Sister Toldjah, reported on Monday, that “uncomfortable second-guessing among Democrats about Kamala Harris had cranked up again.” A Washington Post piece threw her under the bus, talking about how even Harris’ allies are said to be “tired of waiting” for her “to carve out a lane for herself.” The piece skewered her noting her fellow Democrats thought “she had not risen to the challenge of proving herself as a future leader of the party, much less the country” and that if she had to run in 2024 for president, they didn’t think she could win. Even the Dragon Lady who forever is stalking the seat, Hillary Clinton, was reportedly stoking those flames, supposedly saying she was disappointed that Harris didn’t have the chops to be able to clear the primary field. Her people have denied this, but of course, they would.


All of that is not adding up well for Kamala. Now comes more dirt from the NY Times.

According to the Times citing “White House officials,” Kamala avoided doing interviews for a full year after her titanic failure of an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt when she said in response to a question about not having gone to the border that she had been to the border and then that she hadn’t been to Europe either.

After her disastrous interview with Lester Holt of NBC News in June 2021, in which she struggled to articulate the administration’s strategy for securing the border, White House officials — including some in her own office — noted that she all but went into a bunker for about a year, avoiding many interviews out of what aides said was a fear of making mistakes and disappointing Mr. Biden.

If I did a job like this, I think I’d immediately seek help or a career apart from politics, because she’s awful here.

I don’t doubt that she has been ducking interviews, but I don’t think it’s about “disappointing” Joe, more about knowing she’s not up to it and not wanting to embarrass herself. I don’t think she gives a darn about Joe Biden. She only gave a couple of other interviews in 2021 after that, and just a handful of interviews since then, with no major interviews in the last eight months of 2022.


These reports also raise the interesting question of who’s trying to throw her under the bus here, because if there’s a WaPo piece and a NY Times piece, someone on her side has the knives out for her. So you get to choose from the likely suspects. Joe Biden’s camp? Hillary Clinton? Someone thinks she’s in his/her way.

Now, whoever this is pointing out her problems isn’t wrong, mind you. Kamala is an empty blue suit not up to the job and she hasn’t gotten any better since that Holt interview. Here’s one of her latest word salads.

When what you are most known for is your cackle and your word salads, things are not looking good for you.

Here’s Tucker Carlson who had on a Kamala impersonator. It’s hilarious, but it also goes to that greater point — that she doesn’t have a lot of substance, there’s little more than the cackle.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Joe Biden is horrible. But their bench is just as bad.



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