Biden Trips All Over Himself on Classified Docs and Spy Balloon

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden has a big problem.

Well, to be honest, he has a lot of problems. But one big, continuing one is his refusal to take responsibility for anything that is his fault. He has a congenital inability to admit when he’s wrong.


On Monday, reporters managed to get an answer out of him when it came to his classified documents scandal, “Do you take any blame for mishandling classified documents?”

“No,” Biden said. He then added, “Wait until you get the whole report.” Does he know what that report will say? Because right now, he isn’t explaining how he left these classified documents all over the place, or how he managed to even take classified documents when he was in the Senate when senators are required to view things in SCIFs and can’t take anything away.

On top of the removal of the documents, then spreading them everywhere, and exposing them to who knows how many people, Biden and his people have covered things up right down the line to hide what was going on from the American people. He didn’t tell us about the discovery of the documents in November, then when he told us about the November find on Jan. 9, he didn’t tell us about the second find in December or that the Penn Biden Center had been searched by the FBI in November. His team still isn’t answering who ordered the National Archives to not release the statement that it prepared on the matter to release to the public, yet another cover-up.

There’s a lot of blame and virtually all of it should land squarely on his shoulders.

The reporters also asked him about the Chinese spy balloon and the threat from China. He similarly refused to see anything wrong with what he had done, when he was asked if he always wanted to shoot down the balloon or did it only because of the backlash, “only because it became public.” He insisted he wanted to shoot it down from when it came over the United States, “from Canada.”


“They concluded we should not shoot it down over land,” Biden said. “It was not a serious threat, that we should wait until it got across the water.”

Um, Joe, it entered the U.S. first over Alaska on Jan. 28, are you aware of that? He appears not to even be aware of that. His team says he wasn’t even briefed until Jan. 31. Not a serious threat? How much spying and threat from a balloon with potential explosives equals a “serious threat” to him? I think that’s the real answer and why it wasn’t shot down earlier: they didn’t view it as a “serious threat” until there was a public backlash.

Biden was asked if the balloon caused him to change his State of the Union speech. He said, “No.” He was asked, “Why would the Chinese make such a brazen act?” Then he gave a creepy laugh.

“They’re the Chinese government,” Biden said. They did such a “brazen act” to test him, and he failed. But he appears clueless about that.


They asked him about “banning TikTok” and he appeared to not even understand why they would be asking that.

“Ban TikTok? Well that—the answer I’m not sure. I know I don’t have it on my phone,” Biden replied. He’s completely clueless with this response. How can anyone take him seriously when he can’t deal seriously with those who threaten us? He even reached out to “TikTok influencers” to promote himself, that’s what he thinks about the threat.


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