Whoops: Photos Show Hunter and Girls in Joe's Corvette at Site of Classified Docs

When Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Joe Biden what he was thinking about keeping classified documents in his garage next to his Corvette, Biden’s response was to throw out the “Corvette Standard.” Because he locked up his Corvette, the documents had to be secure too, he argued.


But as George Washington law school professor Jonathan Turley said, there was no “Corvette Standard” in the law about classified documents and that wasn’t going to help Joe Biden.

But now the Free Beacon has uncovered pictures from 2017 — likely after Joe Biden had taken the classified documents — showing that Hunter Biden in Joe’s Corvette, indicating he thus had access to the garage where Joe kept the classified documents.

A Washington Free Beacon review of the laptop found four 2017 photographs of Hunter Biden, clad in a white collared shirt and a camouflage baseball cap, behind the wheel of his father’s 1967 Corvette Stingray. GPS metadata embedded in the photos indicate they were taken within a minute of each other at 6:49 p.m. on July 30 of that year, just outside the president’s Wilmington, Del., residence. The photos show Hunter Biden posing in the vehicle beside two young girls. One appears to be his then-12-year-old niece, Natalie Biden. The other could not be identified.

While it is unclear exactly when Joe Biden transferred the classified records to his Wilmington home, sources close to the president have suggested that the transfer occurred as Biden was shutting down his vice presidential office in January 2017, according to a CNN report.


It’s unclear who else may have had access to the car or the garage. Hunter Biden was living in the Wilmington home in 2018 and 2019. His 2018 driver’s license listed his address as the Wilmington home and a background form he filled out in 2018 also listed the home as his residence.

If Hunter had access to the garage that raises questions about if he or any of his business associates, including foreign business associates, might have had access to the documents. We saw when Joe Biden was Vice President how Hunter was offering access to his father to help himself in his business deals. So it’s completely conceivable since he brought business associates to the White House and the Vice Presidential residence, that he could have also brought them to the Wilmington home. He sent his assistant Katie Dodge a text message on Dec. 10, 2018, asking her to deliver the contents of a Virginia-based storage facility to Joe Biden’s guest house on the Wilmington property.

2017 was also when Hunter was trying to arrange the same office space for his firm Hudson West, CEFC — the Chinese government-connected energy conglomerate — and the Biden Foundation with access for Joe and Jill Biden as well as CEFC official Gongwen Dong in Washington, D.C., although didn’t come to fruition.

A former Secret Service agent who has analyzed the laptop confirmed their authenticity. Konstantinos Gus Dimitrelos said, “If requested, I will testify the photographs are genuine and were taken on July 30, 2017,” Dimitrelos told the Free Beacon. “All of the photographs were taken at the Bidens’ residence in Delaware.”


Add a little more to the problem that Joe Biden has now structured for himself.


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