Hunter Biden Form Raises More Troubling Questions About Joe and the Wilmington Home

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More questions are being raised about Hunter Biden and a form that he purportedly filled out for a background check.


People have been scrutinizing the form and being concerned about what that would mean in terms of access to the classified documents which Joe Biden kept for who knows how long in his home in Wilmington, Delaware in his garage, and his library. Hunter living in Joe’s home would mean he would potentially have had access to the classified documents, which in turn means any of his contacts might have had access as well.

The form, filled out in July 2018, lists Hunter’s current address as his father’s Wilmington, Delaware home. Also under “current residence,” Hunter claims that he paid $49,910 per month in rent from March 2017 to February 2018. Hunter also checked that he “owned” the home.

His father and Jill Biden are listed as the owners of record, so unless there’s some unwritten deal here, Hunter doesn’t own the home.

Then if Hunter says he’s paying rent, that would raise the question of why he was paying so much rent for a home where the rental value is closer to $7600/month. That would mean he would be paying more than six times what the rent was worth, which raises a lot of questions about what was going on here. Additionally, it raises the question, assuming that’s correct, of whether he and/or Joe Biden note this on their taxes.


According to the records filed by Joe Biden, however, that rent is not reflected in Joe Biden’s taxes.

But while some are reading that form and understandably interpreting that as rent on Joe’s home, the NY Post’s Miranda Devine clarifies that at the time, around February 2017, Hunter Biden was paying about $50,000 rent per quarter on his office in the House of Sweden.

“This was for Hunter Biden’s application for an apartment in a hip Hollywood complex he was desperate to get into,” Devine explains. “Big-noting by falsely claiming to own dad’s house in DE. The rent may refer to the $50k rent he paid for his office at House of Sweden.”


You can see that rental reflected in this story here.

So it would appear that Hunter isn’t being upfront with what he’s saying on the form for the apartment, representing that he’s paying rent for the dad’s home and/or representing that he owns the home. Because unless there’s some agreement off the books, that’s false — he doesn’t own the home. And if he isn’t paying rent on the home, but for the office, he’s not being clear about that either, at least not on this form. On the form, he also says he’s paying that rent monthly, not quarterly, so that is different from the office as well.

Either way, add this to something else that is crying out for an investigation to determine what was going on here and how it affected Joe Biden.


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