Police on 'High Alert' After Antifa Threat of 'Night of Rage, Twitter Takes Action

Police at Cop City site. (Credit: WSBTV)

Atlanta police are now on “high alert” in the wake of radical leftist and Antifa groups calling for a “Night of Rage.”

The radical group has been occupying an autonomous zone in a forest slated to be the site of a new police training center. The group has been there for months, with radicals coming from all around the country occupying the area. There have been multiple violent incidents in which their members have allegedly attacked the police and other locals, including with Molotov cocktails. Six members were arrested in December and charged with domestic terrorism among other charges.


But on Wednesday, law enforcement went into the area to help move the people occupying the area out and they were fired upon, with one officer being shot. The police then returned fire, killing Manuel Teran.

Seven people were arrested and face domestic terrorism charges. Those arrested came from out of state from all around the country to be involved in the action.

Antifa accounts posted remembrances of Teran, who they also said used the pronouns “they/it.”

In response, the “forest defender” and Antifa accounts called for violent action against the police.

At least one of the accounts, Scenes from the Atlanta Forest, was suspended by Twitter for threatening violence against the police.


But there were still some other accounts that Twitter hasn’t gotten to yet calling for violence against police. Accounts included those from Pittsburgh, Portland, Seattle, and Florida calling for action on behalf of their “martyred” comrade. (Click on the tweet to enlarge it.)

The police have not released the name of the officer who was shot because they’re concerned about the threats being leveled against the police.

Police noted that they were aware of the “night of rage” threat.

“Our officers are on high alert, and we will continue our work to keep our streets safe for our residents, businesses, and visitors alike.” Atlanta police said in a statement Thursday. “We remain in close contact with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners and are grateful for their commitment to our shared goal of creating the safest communities possible for our city.”


I keep wondering where the FBI is on things like this when it’s been going on for months, organized, with groups/people coming in from all over the country, yet they don’t seem to have been able to shut them down, or hold them accountable. At least the folks in Georgia are taking it seriously and hanging big charges on those who have been arrested.


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