Joe Biden Tells Americans to Get 'F-15s' if They Want to Take on the Government

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Joe Biden was speaking at a National Action Network event on Monday to honor Martin Luther King Day.

But as we noted, it didn’t go well. He tried to sing Happy Birthday” to Arndrea Waters King, the wife of Martin Luther King III, who was sitting in the audience and whose birthday it was. Not only was that weird, but Biden also got her name wrong, as well. But at least that was MLK-related.


You would think that he would stick to the topic of the day and speak about MLK.

But as I noted on Sunday when he spoke at the Ebenezer Baptist Church, instead, he seemed to go off into speaking about himself and what he wanted to say. In the Sunday speech, he lied about working in the civil rights movement, lied about his regular attendance at a black church, got Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s name wrong, and appeared to creep on a little girl from the pulpit as he was delivering his remarks at the service.

During his Monday NAN remarks, he went off on a tangent about gun control. As we reported earlier, he acted like he was John Wick. “We have to retrain cops,” said Biden. “Why should you always shoot with deadly force? The fact is if you need to use your weapon, you don’t have to do that.”

What? Does he even know what he is talking about? Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s said something like this. Previously, he’s said cops should just be able to shoot people in the leg and not kill them.


Police are taught to shoot center mass to bring the suspect down. As you can see, trying to shoot for a leg is likely to get you killed and is ridiculous. But that’s how ignorant Joe Biden is about guns.

But it got worse. Biden went on to make this delusional remark. First, he spoke about “deer wearing kevlar vests” again, a favorite saying of his that makes no sense.

“Ban the number of bullets that can go in a magazine,” Biden argued. “There’s no, no need for any of that. […] If you need to work about taking on the federal government, you need some F-15s. You don’t need an AR-15. I’m serious. Think about it.”

Ban what number? That doesn’t even make any sense — he didn’t even say. He just thinks he should have the right to decide how many bullets you need. Authoritarians like Joe Biden are exactly why we have a Second Amendment.

If what he’s saying is true — that AR-15s pose no real danger to the government — why are they still talking about the supposed dangers more than a year later about a riot that didn’t have any guns even used (except for the police to kill one of the protesters)? No F-15s, so no danger, according to this Biden standard. And if an AR-15 is ineffective against the government, why are they always screaming and demanding they be banned, claiming no private citizen should own this “weapon of war”? We might also point to the Taliban who managed to get Biden to pull out of Afghanistan in a horribly-conducted withdrawal, despite not having F-15s.


It sounds pretty fascist as well to be talking about using F-15s against American citizens. Sure sounds like Biden has some “infringing” he’s thinking about in regard to “assault weapons,” bouncing around in that otherwise empty head he has. It’s shameful that one of the few continuing coherent thoughts he has is how to stomp all over our Constitution and our rights.

Let’s recall this little piece of brilliance from Joe Biden, that someone brilliantly set to music.


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