Peter Doocy Reveals the Question the WH Was Trying to Avoid by Skipping Over Him

Fox News' Peter Doocy appears on "America Reports." Credit: Fox News

This has not been a good week for Joe Biden, with his classified documents scandal exploding into the public consciousness. Attorney General Merrick Garland had to appoint a special counsel. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), the new chair of the House Judiciary Committee, opened an investigation not only on Joe Biden’s handling of the documents but the Justice Department’s response, and why neither the Congress or the public were told about this until two months after the alleged discovery.


So, looks like Biden was heading out on another weekend vacation back to Wilmington, Delaware, to do a little hiding out from all the questions. He avoided answering any of them as he left on Friday.

Typical Biden, thinking we aren’t owed any answers for his actions.

But the White House had a difficult time this week, particularly from Fox’s Peter Doocy, who was nailing them right and left all week. First, there was nailing him with his own words.

Then Doocy asked what they were trying to hide, pointing out that Biden’s statement on Tuesday was “misleading at worst.” Check out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s eyes here.


She just keeps saying they take this “seriously,” as though simply saying it makes it true. Meanwhile, she claims they instituted logs at the White House while still avoiding the fact that they don’t have any at the Wilmington, Delaware, house. So, we can’t tell all the people he’s meeting with or who may have had access to the house and the classified documents in his office and in the garage.

Then Doocy nailed Biden himself on having the classified documents next to his Corvette, “What were you thinking?”

Given how much Doocy laid them out, it was perhaps not surprising that Jean-Pierre — who keeps insisting on how transparent they are — refused to deliver any real responses to the issue on Friday either and she made sure to skip over Doocy.

But Doocy revealed on Fox News’ “America Reports” what he would have asked had he been called on. It definitely would have laid them out and made her furious.


“Why is President Biden going to Wilmington today, isn’t that a potential crime scene?” Oh, my, but so true. That’s right on target and because the FBI isn’t raiding places and securing items, we don’t know if the “crime scene” is secure and things aren’t being disturbed. As Doocy noted, all they keep saying is “they take it seriously”–even as more documents keep being found and we find out they were covering things up.

What a mess.


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