Maxine Waters Loses It on House Floor After Matt Rosendale Points out Some Uncomfortable Truths

Maxine Waters flips out on the House floor. (Credit: C-Span.)

There have been some positive aspects of this fight over the Speaker of the House.

It’s shown us who is willing to fight for rules that are more favorable for the members to fight for their constituents as opposed to just shoving bills through without any thought or discussion. We’ve seen Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) hold that banner high, as well as some of the other 20 who are fighting for that cause. That’s an important thing to fight for, to bring some sanity back to the decision-making.


Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) laid it out and it’s disturbing how little discussion and input from the individual members there are. This isn’t what the American people think is going on and he’s right.

Rosendale continued noting that the desire for a rule change is to bring it back to what it was supposed to be, to empower each of the individual members to have some say, to do what voters elected them to do.

“Last summer we began to negotiate, a group of us in good faith, a list of changes, amendments, to the rules of this body,” Rosendale declared. “Not to empower ourselves, not to bring personal benefit to ourselves, but to empower you and you and you, Maxine, and you, and you, and everyone sitting in this chamber equally.”


That prompted some reaction because he named “Maxine” to which he noted that there are “no rules” but in any event said, “Excuse me, Maxine.”

I’m not sure why he addressed Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Ca) specifically, perhaps she was making comments. But because there is no Speaker and no vote on the rules, he’s right there are no rules.

But that didn’t stop Waters from than losing it at Rosendale when it came her time to speak during the ninth round of voting for Speaker. When she was asked for her vote, she voted for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY).

“This is my 9th vote for Hakeem Jefferies,” Waters said when it came her time to vote. She then turned and yelled at Republicans, “Matt Rosenthal, get it together!”

Waters continued losing her mind as Republicans shouted, “Order!”

She’s objecting to him calling her name, even though he apologized. But she couldn’t even be bothered to get her colleague’s name right when she comes back at him, calling him “Rosenthal” rather than “Rosendale.” She can’t even take a shot at him correctly without getting it messed up. Check out the guy covering his face behind her, like “Oh, what is she doing now?”


Waters is symptomatic of the Democrats. She’s more upset that she has to sit there and vote, rather than being for the positive changes that would help the chamber in general. She doesn’t want anything the Republicans champion even if it’s better for individual members and the country. That just shows what bad condition the House is in and the importance of what’s going on here with the objectors.


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