Journalist Paul Sperry Teases Major Russia Collusion Story

I wrote previously about how Rep. Adam Schiff’s office went after journalist Paul Sperry to try to get him suspended from Twitter, using the excuse that he was spreading “QAnon conspiracies.”


Sperry denied that he was spreading any such conspiracies. And that still wouldn’t justify the actions of Schiff’s office — you still have a big constitutional problem with a member of Congress trying to suppress speech.

The journalist believes it was because of the story he broke about impeachment “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella’s connection to Adam Schiff’s staffer, Sean Misko. Sperry said that Schiff’s chief of staff Patrick Boland had even been making threats to his employer, RealClear Investigations, about Sperry’s stories on that connection. “How is a Congressional leader demanding the banning of a veteran journalist from the nation’s digital town square not state censorship?” Sperry asked.

But when the powers that be like Schiff try to suppress stories, maybe they shouldn’t tick off people like Sperry who appear to have sources. Because that is only going to make them more determined. Sperry isn’t being quiet and he’s teasing a new story that’s coming, although this one isn’t his.

“I’m told a major investigative story by a doyen of Washington press corps is set to drop next week exposing MSM collusion in Russiagate hoax,” Sperry reported. “Insider account will name names–prominent D.C. reporters. Revelations include secret NYT meetings w/ McCabe, hotline w Strzok.”


Of course, we already knew that the MSM was spinning whatever they could against Donald Trump. But this is new and concerning — secret NY Times meetings with FBI official Andrew McCabe and hotline with FBI official Peter Strzok? If that’s true and the reporter has the receipts — talk about bias and rot, we already saw a lot of the problems, but this just makes it so much worse. How is the liberal media going to argue that away?

We’ve seen the connection between the FBI and social media in the Twitter files, but this is exponentially bad when this was aimed at the President of the United States.

It’s also rather intriguing that it sounds like a well-known person in the press corps is willing to break this story, in the face of the rest of the liberal media. But it’s about time, when so much of this has been known for so long, but everyone has not been held accountable.


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