Dean Cain States a Simple Truth About Girls That Triggers a Leftist Meltdown

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Dean Cain created quite a furor by stating a simple truth this week.

He responded to a video that two people posted acting like girls, when in fact they were men.


The original video was deleted, but you get the idea from the screenshot.

Cain was then inundated by folks on the left who claimed he was being “hateful.” But he didn’t back down; Cain said his comment wasn’t “hateful,” but only stating the obvious — that the men were not girls.

A Twitter user then thought that she was delivering a great insult to Cain in response to his simple comment, “And you were never Superman either.” Cain delivered the perfect response, “Correct. I pretended.”

That exchange said it all.

Why does this matter?

I think most people don’t care what it is that people want to believe about themselves–as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. But what people do care about is upending all reality and trying to impose that which isn’t real on everyone else. Here’s a sample of one response to the denial of the biological reality of boys and girls.


If there are no such things as “girls” and “boys,” then how can you identify as a woman? The bottom line of course is that there is such a thing as biology — boy and girl is not just an artificial construct that someone is imposing on you. When you deny that, you are denying reality. And you’re not just denying reality. You’re denying women — women who worked hard to achieve equality and to be recognized. You’re just tossing that all under the bus, as the video notes.

It matters because we’re seeing the left climbing aboard this chaos bandwagon to deny biology. It’s not just some random person on Twitter saying there aren’t boys and girls. We have folks working in the White House inviting a man to the White House who claims to be going through his “girlhood.” That’s just accepted by the White House, without question. That was one of the people in the video on which Cain commented.

We also now have a Supreme Court Justice who refuses to define what a woman is. Not because she doesn’t know what a woman is, but because it’s now unacceptable on the left to admit the reality that “woman” is a biological reality, not just a construct that can be changed at will. Ketanji Brown Jackson didn’t want to offend by saying the wrong thing — that yes, there is such a thing as a biological woman. It matters if that concept is then translated to schools, and children are taught there are no things as boys and girls. It matters when we see women being disadvantaged in “women’s sports” now, because men are now allowed to compete with them.


Dean Cain stated a simple truth. But the left prefers denial over truth.


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