Keith Olbermann Flips out When Elon Has Some Fun With Him Tweeting From Dog Account

(AP Photo/MSNBC)

We’ve reported how folks on the left had a meltdown over some members of the media begin suspended on Twitter for sharing a link to someone who was tracking Elon Musk. One of the people caught encouraging doxxing against Musk was Keith Olbermann.


Olbermann couldn’t take it and then violated the suspension by posting from a second account he maintained for rescue dogs and whined about how he had been treated.

That’s evading a suspension by using another account to be an ass, which ordinarily would get you permanently banned. That was the rule that could be applied, even before Musk took over.

But instead of banning him, Elon Musk seems content to laugh at him for tweeting from the dog account.

That drove Olbermann mad, claiming it was a “dog RESCUE account, Genius.”

Yes, a rescue account that you endanger and misuse with your rants. If it’s a rescue account, use it to help dogs. Otherwise, it’s just a vanity account for you to pontificate on. Instead of helping dogs, you’re now just spewing. Likely that’s why Musk hasn’t nuked the account, so as not to take out a dog rescue account.


What’s funny is that Olbermann’s original account appears unsuspended, although it’s hard to tell if it’s fully operational. Yet, Olbermann is still plaintively tweeting like a victim from the dog account. He retweeted something yesterday from the original account. He claimed he was unbanned, then re-banned.

Imagine Olbermann — the constant whiner, so much so that even many on the left despise him — calling anyone else a snowflake. He is so obsessed, he just can’t let it go. He should take a hiatus for his mental health. But I’m not sure at this point with Keith, that even a time-out would help him.

But yes, he probably should get the ban hammer, if you want to apply the rules evenly.

We could all use some laughs and thanks to Keith Olbermann for providing some.


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