Griner Reactions: For Once I Agree With Adam Kinzinger, While Randi Weingarten Highlights Dem Priorities

As we reported earlier, the Biden team made a trade to get basketball player Brittney Griner out of a Russian jail for a pot conviction and she’s already in the custody of the United States.


Who did we give up to get her released? An infamous convicted terrorist, Viktor Bout, who is called the “Merchant of Death.”

Many questioned the apparent lopsided nature of the deal. Not only because Biden gave up someone likely to be a great danger in the future, but also because Paul Whelan, a Marine who has been held for much longer, was left out of the deal.

For once, I agree with Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who is soon to be out of a job in January and probably on his way down the road to being an irrelevant commentator on MSNBC or CNN.


He’s right, it’s a dangerous precedent to set, to trade away a terrorist for someone with a pot conviction with a much shorter sentence. It raises the question of why you don’t trade with terrorists, to begin with, and how such a move can endanger Americans in the future. It’s incredibly sad that he isn’t the priority. You can read the bravery that he exhibits in that letter to Kinzinger. Lefortovo prison is no picnic.

But hey, trust American Federation of Teachers head loon Randi Weingarten to concentrate on the priorities.

Why is she mentioning those categories? We care about Americans, not categories. I guess those categories trump the category of “Marine.”


Biden delivered some remarks on the trade but naturally, took no questions. He claimed that the Russians refused to make Whelan part of the deal.

“We have not forgotten about Paul Whelan. This was not a choice about which American to release,” Biden said. “Russia is treating Paul’s case differently … we are not giving up.”

Translation: This is weakness when he had a stronger hand. How are you going to get him out when you just gave away one of the biggest bargaining chips you had to do it? This is practically admitting you’ve thrown in your hand on Whelan, even as they protest they’re still trying.

One more thought? Trump makes better deals.


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