Tucker Carlson's Documentary Trailer Rips the Veil off 'Biden, Inc' Scandal

Photo via Gage Skidmore

We saw the left flipping out after Elon Musk dropped some of the “Twitter free speech suppression files” regarding the effort to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story. We saw that the Biden campaign and the DNC had both been involved in colluding with the old Twitter to help shut down the spread of the story.


The media’s reaction was to try to “coverup the coverup.” The liberal national media largely tried to ignore the Twitter files story, while the media types on Twitter tried to argue it was about Hunter Biden’s “dick pics,” skipping over Joe Biden’s involvement, the influence peddling, the foreign government compromise or blackmail questions. The leaked photos and Hunter’s depravity — which he filmed and recorded — are an important backdrop to what was going on and may factor into the questions of blackmail and other issues, but there’s so much more there too.

Now Tucker Carlson has what looks like a great documentary on it — “Biden, Inc.” — dropping on Tuesday night. From the highlights, you can see it’s going to hit some good stuff. It includes takes from Tony Bobulinski, the whistleblower who told us who the “big guy” was, and who revealed that it was Joe Biden who was supposed to get 10 percent from the Chinese government-connected company that they were creating. In the trailer, you can hear one of the other business associates, Rob Walker, telling Bobulinski that if he talks, “Ah, Tony, you’re just going to bury all of us, man.”

Biden flips out in the trailer, “Everyone is saying there’s nothing there.” But no one who has vetted it has said that and indeed, it’s been Biden who has lied about it again and again, including everything from claiming it was “Russian disinformation” – when he knew better – to claiming he never met with his son’s business associates… when there are pictures of him meeting with them and he met with at least 14 of them. It’s totally normal that foreign companies with government connections would want to hire a cocaine addict to do their business, has nothing at all to do with the link to Joe Biden and what that connection can mean for them. There’s also the audio of Joe Biden sounding like a mob boss telling Hunter he thinks that the New York Times story dealing with the Chinese connection story was good and that he, Hunter, was going to be in the “clear.”


There’s a lot to hit on, as we know, having covered it for three years now. I’d like to see them hit on the video. about possible Russian blackmail that Hunter mentioned to the prostitute. It sounds like Tucker is off to a good start on it.


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