Ted Cruz Rips the Curtain Back on Biden and Ukraine While Grilling George Kent

The House is setting up, come January, to go full bore into investigating Joe Biden and the scandals related to the foreign business dealings of his family and whether he has been compromised.


While the Republicans won’t have control of the Senate in the new Congress, that wasn’t stopping Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) from going after the question of Biden’s corruption during his questioning of George P. Kent on Tuesday.

Kent was the Deputy Assistant Secretary overseeing policy regarding Ukraine when there were all the questions about Hunter Biden, Burisma, and Joe Biden’s threats against the prosecutor. Cruz wasn’t going to let the opportunity go by to grill Kent on Biden and what had gone on. But Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) cut him off to protect Biden.

We covered the infamous video of that threat that Joe Biden made — the “quid pro quo” threatening to hold back one billion in loan guarantees if Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor.

“Do you think Joe Biden holding a billion dollars hostage to force the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor that is investigating the corrupt oligarch who’s paying his son a million dollars a year–Did getting that prosecutor fired benefit that oligarch?” Cruz queried.


Shaheen then interrupted, “I am not going to allow him to answer the question.”

“Why are you covering for the Vice President[Biden]?” Cruz retorted. “Do you not want to answer that question?

Cruz demanded that Shaheen let Kent answer the question, “Let him answer the question. Why are you afraid of him answering the question?”

Finally, she caved, and let Kent answer.

“The prosecutor who was fired by the Ukrainian Parliament did nothing to investigate Zlochevsky and everything Vice President Biden, the State Department, and the US Embassy did, acted in good faith to reduce corruption and help the Ukrainians,” Kent responded, not answering the specific question.

“So firing him did not benefit the oligarch?” Cruz pressed.

Shaheen then cut him off again and Cruz responded, “You’re protecting the president well.”

But what Kent said wasn’t quite true, as I previously reported.

While it might be true that folks wanted the prosecutor out, it was also true that Shokin appeared to be investigating Burisma at the time. According to the Kyiv Post, Shokin’s office raided the home of the founder of Burisma, Mykola Zlochevsky, on February 2, 2016. That news came out in the Kyiv Post on February 4. The prosecutor was then fired the following month, in March. The timing is, needless to say, interesting. [….]

Shokin has said under oath in an affidavit that he was fired by Poroshenko and it was because of Biden.


It’s also intriguing that — after having played a critical role with Ukraine, testifying during the Trump impeachment trial, and knowing about the Biden issues — Kent is up for a position as Ambassador to Estonia.

It was ridiculous that Trump was impeached for asking about corruption, yet Democrats continue to try to block answers on the Biden corruption question.

Good for Cruz to press this issue that the Democrats would like to bury under the rug. But they’re going to find out that there’s a lot more light shining on all these issues soon.


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