New Poll from Elon Musk: Reinstate Trump

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I reported earlier how Elon Musk has been bringing back people who were suspended or locked out of Twitter including the Babylon Bee and Dr. Jordan Peterson.

That prompted many to ask about other people who had been banned including Alex Jones and President Donald Trump. As we reported earlier, Musk said “no” to Jones. Part of the reason for that might be a question of liability, but it prompted a discussion if he was committed to free speech. Jones himself said that people should still stand by Musk’s efforts to bring openness to the site, saying he understood all the pressures that Musk was dealing with at the moment in trying to bring change to the site, that given all the efforts against Musk.


As we previously reported, Democrats seem more interested in investigating Elon Musk for buying Twitter than they are in investigating FTX who has given a lot of money to Democrats. They wrote a letter to the FTC demanding it take action against Musk. Musk mocked that effort.

Now, Musk has put out a poll regarding letting President Donald Trump back on the site. It hasn’t been up for very long and yet it already has over three million votes, and at the time of this writing, Trump is up by about twenty points. If there’s anything that Musk seems to understand, it’s engagement on the site.

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk said about the poll. That translates to “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” Now, I think he has a committee that is evaluating these things, but it sounds like he’s also soliciting the will of the people. There are two ways to look at that: it’s good to be open to hearing from the consumers, but free speech isn’t a popularity contest. Either you believe in it, or you do not. I think he’s letting him back on and this is more about allowing people to weigh in, which they are doing in a flood, from both sides. Some thought maybe it was a bot test.


As Mike Davis pointed out it’s more than a little ridiculous that Ayatollah Khamenei whose government is killing its people is still on Twitter but Donald Trump is not.

But the poll is getting closer as the left pours on the “bots and the mail-in votes,” so make sure you get in there and vote.

Now, Trump may not even come back, since he has Truth Social. But it’s the principle of it all: he should not be banned, particularly not if you say that you believe in free speech on the site. And the left is going to lose their lunch if this happens and it will likely drive more of them to quit Twitter which can only be a good thing.



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