Rep. Clay Higgins Nails Chris Wray With New Question About FBI and Jan. 6

We’ve been following the question about FBI informants or confidential human sources involved on Jan. 6 for some time now.

I wrote last year about how Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pursued the question with FBI assistant director Jill Sanborn, asking about Ray Epps, but also asking in general. Sanborn refused to answer the question.


Then as I reported last week, there was a bombshell from the New York Times dropped right in the middle of the election that yes, there had been FBI informants involved both as part of the Oathkeepers group and as part of the Proud Boys. Then the New York Times followed that up this week noting that the FBI may have had as many as eight informants involved with the Proud Boys. The big question would be if they had that many people involved in the groups, why didn’t they do anything to stop the riot beforehand? And why wasn’t there more protection at the Capitol by the police?

This new information is already sparking more questioning of the FBI as to what was happening in this matter. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray on the question on Tuesday, first asking if the FBI had confidential human sources on the scene during Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Wray avoided the question, but said he had to be very careful about what he said.


“The suggestion that the FBI’s confidential human sources or FBI employees in someway instigated or orchestrated Jan 6th, that’s categorically false,” Wray claimed. Then Higgins asked him a further question, “Did you have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters inside The Capitol on January 6th prior to the doors being opened?” He continued, “Can you not tell the American people no, we did not have confidential human sources dressed as Trump supporters positioned inside the Capitol?”

That’s a fascinating question. In the building dressed as Trump supporters before the doors even opened? That should be a “no,” right? That’s what Higgins said. But Wray wouldn’t even answer that and give a “no” to that. Why wouldn’t he answer that? Shouldn’t that be a simple response? Then the chair of the committee comes in and cuts off Higgins, saying his time is up, perhaps hoping to save Wray’s bacon.

I’m not sure I believe a lot of what the FBI says at this point, given all the reports of bias that we have seen over a variety of different matters. Notice, even as Wray tries to say they didn’t “orchestrate” anything, he also doesn’t deny that informants/agents participated.


But this practically screams for more investigation, at this point, and a full-court press for more answers as to what was going on here, given the reports.


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