New Hunter Biden Video Raises a Lot of Questions

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Mario Newfal is the host of “Roundtable Space.” Newfal put out a clip saying they, as an industry “try to reach & educate the masses.” Yet, he then said he was doing an interview with Hunter Biden on Twitter Spaces and asked people what they thought he should ask him. Hunter introduces himself as an “artist” and says he looks forward to people listening to the interview on Tuesday, November 15.


“Artist.” Well, now I’ve had my laugh for the day.

So I have some questions. The first one would have to be what’s with that black eye that is barely open. It looks like someone punched him right in the eye. He also looks pretty old and decrepit. I guess leading a debauched life isn’t particularly good for keeping your looks.

Then I guess I would wonder what is that Newfal thinks Biden has to offer that would “educate the masses”? How to differentiate between coke and parmesan cheese? Oh, wait, Hunter had a problem with that. Perhaps Newfal can ask him more about the Biden business connections to Ukraine and China? How about why did his company get millions from the wife of the mayor of Moscow? Can Hunter speak more about what that Russian blackmail might be that he was discussing with the hooker? Can he explain more about who “Pedo Peter” is? Does he have anything to say about his business relationship with Patrick Ho, who he described as the “spy chief of China”?

Given the latest news about the implosion of FTX and the questions related to money being funneled to Joe Biden and the DNC, what a coincidence we suddenly have Hunter doing a crypto show.


You know the responses back to Newfal were going to be lit and you wouldn’t be disappointed. There are a ton, here’s just a small sample.

Sounds like it’s going to be fun on Tuesday and we’ll bring you the expected backlash.


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