WATCH: CBS's Valiant, Doomed Effort to Find Charlie Crist Supporters

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It’s finally Election Day, so there are going to be a ton of stories to cover, with a lot of significant election calls.

But there’s no doubt that a CBS story about Charlie Crist supporters in Florida will have to be up there for the funniest story of the day so far.


CBS’ Tony Dokoupil drove up and down the coast of Florida, all in areas he said that had voted for Biden in 2020, having meals with voters and looking for anyone who had voted for Charlie Crist. Listen to this.

“We realized on that day-long trip, we spoke to dozens of people up and down the coast of Florida, all in precincts, by the way, that voted for President Biden in 2020. But to our surprise, we did not run into a supporter of Ron DeSantis’ Democratic opponent, that would be Charlie Crist.”

“It’s pretty clear Democrats have their work cut out for them here,” the journalist determined.

That revelation left co-host Gayle King flummoxed.

“Tony, it was interesting, though, about the Ron DeSantis voters. That you go from one end of the state to the other – and I know you were looking. You only found Charlie Crist supporters at a Charlie Crist rally. It was really that difficult?” she asked.

“Yeah, it was really that tough,” Dokoupil noted. He admitted to trying to flag down several drivers at a stop sign to ask who they were voting for, but found the same results.

“At one point I stood at a stop sign and flagged down every single car to ask the driver who they were supporting for governor. At another point I went into a diner that wasn’t on our list, this was meal four of the day, went to every table and couldn’t find one. That’s anecdotal, that’s not scientific,” he said.


How amazing is that? But it shouldn’t be shocking, to anyone who has been paying attention to what’s going on.

The report even noted one Floridian who — while not voting for DeSantis — said he’d been “unfairly vilified” by the national media.

Dokoupil noted that this was because Gov. Ron DeSantis has done a lot to consolidate his support. Floridians praise him as a “beast” who “doesn’t BS around.” That’s also why DeSantis has developed such a national presence as well. But it says something about how big DeSantis’ lead must be if even CBS is putting out such a report and being honest about it.

As we reported, early numbers looked like Republicans may be turning out in force in Florida, even in places like Miami-Dade, a traditionally Democratic county.

Sorry, Charlie, looks like you’re toast.


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