Cook Political Editor Has a Peek Into More Early Numbers That Tell the Tale

My colleague Streiff reported on a pretty stunning early look coming out of Florida, in particular Miami-Dade County. Miami Dade has a history of being pretty strongly Democrat. Check out that article because that’s pretty amazing if that’s true — and if is, then Democrats are in big trouble.


Now we have some more data points. Cook Political’s Dave Wasserman not only concurred with that Miami-Dade information Streiff reported, he also had an early look into what the numbers are looking like in Virginia.

“Noon turnout reports in VA Beach – a majority of Rep. Elaine Luria’s (D) Toss Up #VA02 – show most heavily GOP precincts up to 55-60% of ’21 votes cast, vs. 40-45% in most non-white precincts,” Wasserman said. He also said, “Total ballots cast skewing much more R than ’20 in many FL counties.”

Wasserman explained that while the numbers might tighten up over the day, these gaps were going to be hard to overcome.

The last polling that Cook dropped also looked like more things were moving the Republicans’ way in Florida and Texas.


FL-13: Likely R to Lean R
FL-27: Lean R to Likely R
TX-28: Lean D to Toss Up

TX-28 and FL-13 would be pick-ups if the Republicans can take them. TX-28 is the race between Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Cassy Garcia. The Democrats even had to detail Bill Clinton out to help Cuellar because it’s such a toss-up there.

Democrats have far more toss-ups that they have to defend than do the Republicans — 26 to 10.

Jon Ralston is telling the tale of the numbers in Nevada and those are looking great too.

We’ll find out soon, but it’s looking red, guys.


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