Bill Clinton Creates a Stir With Response to Question About Jeffrey Epstein

Democratic National Convention via AP

There are few people slimier than Bill and Hillary Clinton. They’ve been stumping for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. If you didn’t already know that Hochul was a lousy choice to vote for based on her record, you would know she was the wrong person by the company that she drags in to support her, like the Clintons.


Hochul and Hillary have both been trying to belittle people’s concerns about crime, a bad move given it’s one of the top concerns of New Yorkers. Hochul claimed Republicans were pushing the concerns and that it was a nationwide “conspiracy.”

Now, Bill Clinton has gotten into the mix as well, mocking Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) for caring about the voters’ concerns.

Unlike Bill Clinton, Zeldin doesn’t live behind walls, he’s been a victim of crime — like so many other New Yorkers, he gets it. This shows you what the Democrats think about you and the things you care about. All they care about is their power, they’ll say anything to get them there.

But that wasn’t the only thing that showed how slimy Bill Clinton was. A reporter took the opportunity to ask him about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein at an event in Texas for Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX). The look on Clinton’s face was priceless. If looks could kill, this would have been it. He also laughed in a truly creepy way.


The reporter also noted just for the record that he was “not suicidal.” Good for this guy for doing it when so many others haven’t. Finally, one guy who is willing to do his job.

Yes, the evidence is clear. Clinton has always tried to downplay the connection. Still, there was always more there than he wanted to let on, with all the trips on Epstein’s plane, even having Epstein into the White House with Ghislaine Maxwell and having Maxwell in attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Epstein went to the White House 17 times when Bill Clinton was president. Clinton’s former body man dished even more details including about a visit to Epstein’s island.


So, hopefully, that reporter stays safe, but yes, thanks, Bill, we do think that the evidence is “clear” that more questions need to be answered here.



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