WATCH: The American Flags at Fetterman Event Tell the Tale for Dems' Election Hopes

AP Photo/Rebecca Droke

We’re now down to the final weekend, with the midterms on Tuesday, and it’s crunch time for the candidates, with things getting desperate.

The Democrats are pulling out the “Obama card” — having Barack Obama running around trying to help out candidates who are in trouble. But so far, Obama hasn’t seemed to have helped any of the candidates much–and the movement at this point is still all toward the Republicans in these closing days.


Fetterman is in big trouble in the Pennsylvania Senate race since his disastrous debate performance. His Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz had already pretty much closed the gap before the debate. But when people saw what condition Fetterman was in, when even many Democrats had to admit there was a big problem, a lot more people began to break for Oz. Oz has the lead with independents and undecideds, so if it’s close and we’re looking at which way it’s going, it’s not good for Fetterman.

Fetterman has had Joe Biden there in Pennsylvania to campaign, but given how unpopular Joe Biden is, that didn’t help.

So, Fetterman pulled out the Obama card and had him in to help out at an event on Saturday in Pittsburgh.

But there was a seminal moment during the event which was perhaps a metaphor for Fetterman and all the Democrats this cycle.

Fetterman was at the podium, making comments to introduce Obama. He talked about Dr. Oz appearing with President Donald Trump on Saturday; Fetterman claimed that he would be appearing with a “sedition free” president. Watch what happens next.

That was quite some timing. I’m thinking perhaps He Who Knows All may have been making a little comment there about what Fetterman was saying.

The reaction to the flags tipping over also said a lot. It looked on the clip like they were slow to react and pick the flags up off the ground. At any rate, Fetterman didn’t react and didn’t seem to understand what had just happened. Yet, he said, “I’m ready to serve Pennysylvania!”


He just kept on talking, completely unaware of what had occurred.

But is there any better sign of where we are at with the Democrats than that? They don’t care about America or the American people; they care about their leftist political agenda. They would put up anyone — even people not fit to serve — if it means securing their own power. They would let all the things for which the flag stands fall, if it meant keeping that power.

Now, their hopes are crashing to the ground, and they’re about to lose badly.

You don’t get much more symbolic than that.


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