Biden Lights up the Internet With Incredibly Ignorant Comment About Guns

Joe Biden did a “Now This” forum speaking with “young changemakers” focused on a variety of issues of concern prior to the midterms.

Biden said a festival of crazy things throughout the forum including saying that the government should pay for people to take time off to get an abortion and forgetting the name of Roe v. Wade, as well as saying states shouldn’t be able to ban sex reassignment surgery and puberty blockers for kids. Perhaps the craziest thing was that he claimed he’d gotten a law passed by a “vote or two” for his student debt bailout, when in fact there is no such law, he only signed an executive order the implementation of which has now been stayed by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. The fact that he made up a “law” and even an imaginary vote should be very concerning to everyone because he’s just not living in reality at this point. It is time for the 25th Amendment because he will get us into big trouble at some point with issues like this.


Unfortunately, there was yet another bizarre statement that Biden made that reveals how little he knows about guns, yet he’s the guy pushing for gun legislation. We’ve seen a lot of ignorance from him in the past when it comes to guns, but this truly takes the cake.

β€œMy legislation says there can be no more than eight bullets in a round, okay?” Biden exclaimed.

Eight bullets in a round? The round is the bullet. Is he talking about some kind of super bullet that explodes further into eight bullets that no one else knows about? The Internet let him have it with this one.

This was the most common reaction:

One Twitter wag even joked if Biden was talking about only getting to shoot eight bullets during a round of golf. How can someone be this clueless yet be in such a position of power with the ability to propose laws that could be imposed on all of us? Unfortunately, he’s not the only Democrat who exhibits such a lack of knowledge about guns.

But even as Biden says such nonsense to the young people, he also doesn’t tell them no such law would make it through Congress, so he’s also being a snake oil salesman in addition to not knowing what the heck he’s talking about.

Round and round we go with Joe Biden, and where this stops, nobody knows. He’s not going to make it to 2024, they’re going to have to pull him before then. At this point Biden is so incapacitated, he can’t make it through a one-hour forum without all kinds of nuttiness. With Joe, you never know whether it’s ignorance, incoherence, or a little bit of both since both are such a feature of his being.


Joe Biden keeps asking us to watch him, and we keep seeing things like this. It isn’t helping his cause.


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