Hilarious: This May Just Be the Best Response to Climate Change Radicals

Gianluca Grimalda (Credit: Gianluca Grimalda)

We’ve seen a lot of climate change protesters in this country. They’re usually incredibly annoying, doing things like blocking traffic by linking themselves together on the highway or gluing their hands to something.


Last week as we reported, we saw these two people throw soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and glue themselves to the wall.

The young woman with pink hair is bordering on hysterical as she tries to convince people of the importance of their actions.

The usual reaction to people like this has been to cut them loose or free them from the glue and arrest them.

But the folks at Volkswagen may just have had the best response ever to this kind of idiocy.

Sixteen members of “Scientist Rebellion” (which looks like an offshoot of Extinction Rebellion) went to the Porsche pavilion at Volkswagen’s Autostadt in Germany. Nine of them glued themselves to the floor, they also had six other people, and one of the glued “scientists” claimed that some were “on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonize the German transport sector are met.”


Hope they ate well because that’s not happening anytime soon. He’s a “researcher in social psychology” but he’s a “scientist” wearing a lab coat?

But hold on, here comes the best part. Rather than calling the police, getting them loose, and having them arrested, the Volkswagen people left them there and closed, turning everything off, with them glued to the floor, without food, heat, and as, they complained, any way to go to the bathroom.

Gianluca Grimalda later clarified that if the support people went out, they couldn’t get back into the building. Too bad, so sad.

It says something about this group that they claim to be “scientists” but they couldn’t consider and account for the various possibilities here, including defecation. People mocked them into next week for this.


They’re also doing this at a time in Europe with an energy crisis in part precipitated by nutty anti-energy positions, so they’re not going to have a lot of sympathy for this. But, ironically, they complain of the very things — like lack of heat — that climate change people have adversely impacted with their campaigns.


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