Herschel Walker Delivers Brilliant Move to Warnock Lies

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Herschel Walker had a great response to the eviction scandal that is embroiling his opponent for the Senate seat in Georgia, Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA). He offered to pay the rent for anyone still facing eviction.


Warnock lied during their debate last week saying that “we have not evicted” tenants when in fact they have and he called it an attempt to attack the Ebenezer Baptist Church. I’m not sure how much of a defense he thought that was to the charge of hypocrisy when he’s getting a $7,417 monthly allowance from the Church, attacking his former opponent during the primary claiming she was against an eviction moratorium during the pandemic, but then evicting and trying to evict people for small amounts of money during the pandemic. Even a local Democratic mayor said Warnock’s response made him feel “queasy.”

Indeed not only was that a lie, but even as Warnock was claiming that last week, the building was working to evict three more people — two were just for $115. Each was for rent that wasn’t even two weeks late.

“If you don’t pay your rent by the fifth, a dispossessory notice comes out that week,” a resident told a Free Beacon reporter who visited the building in October. “They won’t accept the payment after the fifth.”

On Tuesday, Walker followed up and had a press conference outside the Columbia Tower at MLK Village building with some of the folks who had received eviction notices. Andrew Kerr is the Free Beacon reporter who did such great investigative reporting on this matter.


Walker asked reporters if they had questions, why didn’t they just ask the people there or go right to the building and ask the residents?

According to Kerr, the Walker campaign said they gave each reporter copies of the 15 eviction lawsuits filed against residents of the building. Each eviction lawsuit had the resident’s name and room number. So did the “reporters” follow up on the information or question the residents about the eviction notices?

According to Kerr, the Walker campaign said not one “reporter” went over to the building.

Here’s how Sahil Kapur, NBC News Senior National Political Reporter, characterized the presser. He just accepted as gospel what Warnock said.


“Herschel Walker holds a presser with Georgians who he says got eviction notices from Raphael Warnock’s church-owned building. He sidesteps questions about whether any of them were actually evicted. (Warnock says none were during that period of the pandemic.)”

“Who he says got eviction notices?” The people are standing right there. All you have to do is ask them. Now all Kapur had to do is look up the records for himself — they’re all publicly available. Or, if he didn’t want to do that, just check the reporting that is already out there. Or call the numbers that were given at the presser. But instead, he just repeats what Warnock said without question and tries to cast doubt on Walker.

Kerr even tweeted the records of the people evicted to Kapur and offered to walk Kapur through the work he’d done.

One person was evicted for $28.55 and the other for $423.


As we noted on Monday, Warnock is still trying to give Joe Biden a pass on inflation, by claiming we’re still in the pandemic.

So then why are they evicting people when he said doing that during the pandemic was bad?

This whole matter not only confirms what a liar Warnock is, but how complicit much of the media is in trying to spin on his behalf.


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