Warnock in Trouble: Evasive Debate Answer on Eviction Scandal Has One Democrat Mayor Feeling 'Queasy'

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As we reported on Friday, Herschel Walker did much better than expected in the only debate in the Georgia Senate race, and I think it’s fair to say that Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) did much worse.


Here’s another exchange that showed that:

Warnock said, “[Walker] said he would not have voted for the Inflation Reduction Act and I think he should tell the people of Georgia why he thinks they should have expensive insulin and why the pharmaceutical companies should be able to charge us whatever they like.” Walker bit back quickly, saying, “I believe in reducing insulin, but at the same time, you’ve got to eat, right?” He then said, “you have to get food prices down and you’ve got to get gas down, so they can go get insulin.”

Now that’s a practical, honest answer — that Biden talks about the IRA which really isn’t going to help inflation now, and now people are having difficulty with just buying food and gas because of their bad policies. Walker did a great job of tying Warnock to Biden.

We wrote about the bombshell report that Warnock’s church was trying to evict people while he was saying that people shouldn’t be evicted during the pandemic and getting a $7,417 housing allowance. They moved to evict a veteran for owing $192. That was also a big part of the debate. Most owe very little or were barely late but still received eviction notices. Walker offered to pay the outstanding rent for them all.

But Warnock denied it and the Free Beacon which broke the original report even called him out for lying.


The moderator tried to follow up with a question and Warnock dodged it, with a very weak deflection claiming that Walker was trying to attack the church.

It is a yes or no question. When he can’t even answer it you know it’s not good.

Georgia is now investigating the building foundation run by the Church because they don’t have an active registration for their charitable organization. A watchdog group has also filed a complaint with the IRS about the covering up of the Church’s ownership of the building in question.

News Nation had a watch party listening to the debate for reaction. It was run by Chris Cuomo. Yes, that’s where he landed.

I thought the reaction of the Mayor of South Fulton, Georgia — Khalid Kamau — was very interesting. Now he’s Working Families Party so he’s pretty left, but he wasn’t shy about what he thought on the issue. You can look at his facial expressions and you know he wasn’t liking it at all. He said it made him a “little queasy.”


You could also see the guy behind him also didn’t look happy with it as well.

Now I will note that when asked whether he would vote for Warnock, Kamau said, “I would vote for Raphael Warnock, I don’t think he’s quite earned my…there were times where I honestly did feel he was not as candid as I wanted him to be and not as strong as I wanted him to be speaking on issues on working families.” I’m not even sure that’s a yes. That showed the effect of Warnock lying.

The point is he’s showing how a lot of people are going to react to the news about Warnock and that may move independents and others in the middle over to vote for Walker. It may also cost folks on the left who may decide just not to vote because they’re not happy with Warnock and he’s not the guy they envisioned.


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