Local Bakery's Post on Inflation Is Jarring and Shows How Much Trouble We Are In

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We talk about the crushing weight of inflation, and how the prices are at 40-year highs. At this point, we’ve probably done a ton of stories and thrown out all kinds of numbers on it.


But nothing quite puts it in focus as much as how it is affecting all of us every time we have to go to the grocery store to buy food and we see the prices keep going up and up for necessities.

A local bakery must have felt the necessity to explain to customers why they were raising prices by posting about how much their costs had gone up since January 2021 (when Joe Biden came in). The Wall Street Silver account that has posted a lot of interesting things about inflation posted the bakery’s whiteboard explanation and it’s pretty jarring when you look at just how much it has increased.

As many pointed out, these prices are not just up 8.3 percent — the last inflation number announced, in some cases, they’re paying more than double what they were paying before Biden came in. If you look at it, and you realize that inflation is continuing to rise, you know that this is not a sustainable situation when costs go up this much.

Our friends over at Twitchy posted the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics graph of how much the bakery products have gone — the orange part is how much it’s gone up over the past year. You can see what a huge jump that is.


This is just for bakery products, not even all their other costs which have also likely gone up. But of course, you can apply this to practically any business, they’re all having to deal with this now because of Biden.

Yet Joe Biden is saying that inflation has only gone up an “inch” and “hardly at all.” Maybe if an inch means a mile in Biden-speak.

If you asked Joe Biden about this bakery, he would likely blame the bakery and say that they were trying to gouge the customers, and he’d beg them to cut their prices, while they’re barely keeping their heads above water.

Wall Street Silver called that out and chastised Biden’s ridiculous approach.

More people and businesses should do this, to shame Joe Biden and the Democrats to do something to stop their horrible policies and bring down inflation. Because if it continues like this, people and businesses are going to go under.

Biden is fond of talking about the long lines waiting for food during the pandemic. But that was for a brief time, in a few areas when largely Democrats shut down the economy. The long lines waiting for food are back because of Biden’s policies. He’s always talking about how he’s for the middle class. Yet he’s putting them in the poorhouse with his actions.


This is all on Joe Biden and the Democrats. A vote for them is a vote for more of this.


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