WATCH: Florida Dem Getting Hurricane Help Is So Happy, He Knows Who He's Voting For

Florida man in Arcadia is thankful that Ron DeSantis sent gas. (Credit: Dan Bongino)

Hurricane Ian was a massive hurricane that took a vicious hit on areas of Florida. We reported on some of the conditions and how bad they were. Some even had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. We reported on one Coast Guard member who rescued a disabled woman and her husband by kicking in a wall to reach her. He even strapped her wheelchair to his body and rescued that too. But he’s going to get booted by Joe Biden for not being vaccinated. A lot of Fort Myers Beach got wiped out and other areas were badly affected as well. That’s where the focus should be.


But some of on the left and in the liberal media seem to want to concentrate on attacking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ response to the hurricane. But DeSantis has been everywhere, round the clock, trying to deal with the emergency. So while they might try to attack him, there isn’t much more that someone could have done, under the circumstances. He seems to have done an excellent job with a very serious problem.

One of the areas affected that was more inland — but still got a significant amount of flooding — was Arcadia.

In addition to making sure that people are safe in parts of Florida, Florida has also been trying to get supplies to areas in need, like the folks in Arcadia. One of the things in need for many is gas. You can listen here as this man, who says he is a Democrat, is so happy that they’ve gotten gas to the folks in the area. This is the kind of video that just blows up all that liberal narrative against DeSantis.


Warning for graphic language:

“[You can say] that shit about DeSantis, but that gas is here in Arcadia,” the man says with such joy. “Now, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but it’s here in Arcadia. So y’all know who we voting for.” His friend laughs at his happiness. “I don’t know the rest of you motherf**kers, but I’m voting for DeSantis, and I’m a Democrat.” He then apologized for cursing because he was so excited.

DeSantis’ rapid response person, Christina Pushaw added a little more background.

So despite the media efforts (which this guy may be acknowledging), he’s on the ground, having to deal with it all, and he knows the truth. Everyone would be as open and honest as this man. Even as a Democrat, he’s willing to acknowledge, DeSantis is doing what he can to help people. That’s the truth but the liberal media isn’t interested in sharing it.



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