Fetterman's Latest Post Confirms He Is One Weird Dude

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John Fetterman doesn’t just have bad policy thoughts, he is one strange dude.

His political opponent in the Senate race, Dr. Mehmet Oz, commented on how Fetterman dresses. I think that’s about appearing to be “tough” and a “common man” as opposed to a man who was kept by his rich parents, although I think the neck gaiters/scarves were about covering up whatever is going on with his neck. Oz said about the attire, ‘He’s kicking authority in the balls. He’s saying, ‘I’m the man. I’ll show those guys who’s boss.”


Fetterman’s response was out there (or perhaps it was the response of his media team since they admitted he isn’t always the one posting from his social media). He posted a weird video that he was “kicking authority in the balls” and “D.C. could use a kick in the balls.” It didn’t go well.

Tell us you’re just not a serious person and should never be near a Senate seat. I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea. What the heck is that weird thing coming out of his head? What a way to confirm how the left still can’t meme. Remember when you used to have to present ideas to run for a Senate seat, not just post weird things and claim your opponent is from New Jersey?

Imagine if a Republican had put out something like this? He’d be ripped apart for being “violent” and physically threatening people, with 24/7 coverage by the media.

Moreover, does Fetterman know who’s in charge in D.C.? It’s completely controlled by Democrats now, so is he saying he’s kicking his party in the balls? Is he promoting “insurrection” now as well?


It also sounds like he’s assuming D.C.’s gender which sounds pretty sexist to me.

If the purpose of this is to appear “tough,” he doesn’t exactly achieve that purpose when he appears so afraid to debate Oz he puts it off as long as he can. So his meme isn’t matching his actions. I’m thinking he must be getting pretty nervous, as the gap is narrowing.

People had a field day ripping him apart in response.

Many referenced how Fetterman had previously threatened an innocent black jogger with a shotgun when he was the mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania.

It’s not hard to imagine with things like this, why Oz is now gaining ground on Fetterman. People are seeing not only how weird Fetterman is and wrong for the seat, but also how bad his policies are. Oz has taken him apart for his soft-on-crime positions. His support of the BLM has shown how far left he is. As we reported, he’s been trying to scrub all mention of that from his website. But at this point, it’s too late, people are seeing he’s too radical for Pennsylvania. Then there are his health issues, and even Democrats are now doubting his ability.


This latest piece of weirdness only confirms that Fetterman shouldn’t be anywhere near a Senate seat.


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