Oz Tears Fetterman Apart in His Most Based Performance to Date

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer

Mehmet Oz is closing strong in Pennsylvania’s US Senate race. The polling shift towards the Republican has been unmistakable, with polls that once showed Democrat John Fetterman up by double digits now producing low single-digit results.


In short, the momentum is real.

That those three polls are historically bad polls that overestimate Democrats should terrify Fetterman, and to be sure the Democrat is panicking. When he’s not continuing to mumble about vegetables and New Jersey, he’s now playing the sympathy card over his massive stroke, claiming that Oz is being too mean to him.

Fetterman has made some version of the following tweet dozens of times in the last few weeks.

Actually, Oz is not in his life. I’m pretty sure they’ve probably never even met given that Fetterman has refused to show up to all the debates to this point. What I do know is that the Democrat is a massive hypocrite and baby. He’s spent months trolling and making fun of Oz over the stupidest stuff but now wants to be protected from legitimate questions about the fact that he can’t speak properly and is clearly having mental processing issues. Last I checked, the ability to think clearly and articulate a message is pretty important for a Senator. Though, to be fair, Sen. Mazie Hirono has somehow managed to make it work.


But while the wind hits Oz’s back, he’s not sitting on his hands just hoping things work out. He’s found his stride, and that’s centered on hitting Fetterman for being soft on crime and the border. Here’s the Republican delivering his most based performance to date.

Where the heck was this Oz back in July? This is the kind of thing he has to do down the stretch to win this race. Continue to show the people that he cares about the issues that they care about, and that despite his wealth, he’s more authentic and genuine than the other guy who wears hoodies and basketball shorts to pretend he’s something he’s not.

I know it’s something Fetterman’s fans don’t want to hear, but Oz is the real working man’s candidate in this race. He’s actually held a real job, made his own money, and become successful through hard work. Fetterman was supported by his parents until his 40s, had his house basically given to him, and has spent his life leeching off the government.


Besides, as Oz notes in his speech, Fetterman is objectively bad on policy. Pennsylvania is being crushed by violent crime, especially in its urban areas. The last thing that the state needs is another leader who wants to let everyone out of prison.

I really hope Oz pulls this out, both because it’s necessary for a better America and because the tears from Fetterman simps are just going to be glorious. November can’t get here soon enough.


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