Biden Blunders Badly on the Border, as WH Makes Two Big Missteps

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One of the biggest problems that Joe Biden and his team have — and that’s hard to pick, because they have so many — is that they can never admit when they are at fault for anything. That means they aren’t honest and they don’t fix the problems they cause; they’re unwilling to admit they caused them or they are problems.


When asked why they haven’t fixed the border, both Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that, somehow, they were faced with some new “pattern” that wasn’t their fault.

First, as we noted, there were these remarks from Joe Biden, where he says it was a different circumstance because now people are not coming from Central America and Mexico; they’re coming from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. Um, Joe? Nicaragua IS part of Central America. And this is nonsense — people are still coming from Central America, as well as other countries from all over the world. They aren’t just coming from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. And they’ve been coming from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua for years, although there is a bigger influx of late from Venezuela. When Biden says things like this, he just reinforces that he has no idea what he’s talking about. What’s “new” is his failure to address the problem since he came into office.


Biden said to send them back wasn’t “rational,” and Jean-Pierre said they were “fleeing Communism.” Now, this is a fascinating response and an own goal, because while they are trying to deflect away from their failure to do anything about the crisis at the border, Biden and the progressive Jean-Pierre are implicitly admitting the problem of extreme leftism — that people want to flee it. While some fleeing Communism might have legitimate asylum claims (although they likely traveled through other countries– where they could claim asylum–to get here), that doesn’t mean that you leave open the door to everyone, which is what the White House seems to be saying.

But that wasn’t the only own goal that KJP committed during her briefing. I wrote earlier about the report that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have been sending a group of illegal aliens to an airport near Rehoboth Beach, Joe Biden’s vacation home in Delaware, on Tuesday.

Karine Jean-Pierre said that the White House was “coordinating” with local officials about possible DeSantis flights of illegal aliens to Delaware.

So, I have a big question here. Why are they suddenly “coordinating” when it comes to Delaware, when the Biden team has been releasing people all over Texas, flying people all around the country — all without notice? Where is the “monitoring” of the situation at the border? Texas and Arizona have been screaming for two years to get the help they need, but the Biden team hasn’t been interested in “coordinating” to solve the problem. Two thousand people a day are being dropped off in the city of El Paso.


Even New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago, all seem to have gotten bupkis when it comes to asking for help from the federal government, now that they have been included in the problem. There should be coordination and lots of it, with all these places, but there hasn’t been. What makes Delaware or Rehoboth Beach so special that the White House is “coordinating,” even before people are dropped off there? It couldn’t have anything to do with it being Joe Biden’s home, could it? Talk about preferred treatment.


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