Kamala's Remarks on Space Fail to Launch

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We haven’t had a good Kamala Harris word salad in a little while.

We did have Kamala Harris making up a story about when she had her first grape which is quite the fake story, as our Sister Toldjah explained.


But Harris was in rare form on Friday as she was speaking about the Artemis program. The Artemis program is about getting Americans back on the Moon with the ultimate goal of living there. She was speaking on it in her capacity as chair of the National Space Council during one of their meetings.

I have to wonder if anyone tells her how she sounds. It doesn’t appear so, since she keeps on doing it. Here’s her word salad entry for the day.

“Today, the business of our work is for the council to report on the work that has occurred since our last meeting across these areas,” Harris said. “We will today also discuss the work yet ahead, the work we must still do.”

That work hasn’t been going so well. They were supposed to have an Artemis launch at the end of August and Harris traveled to Florida for it. But it had to be scrubbed. A second attempt was also scrubbed on Sept. 3. Now they’re trying for another effort either September 23 or September 27. I think she wanted this position because it was more of a “no harm no foul” position that wouldn’t require much from her and she could brag about her successes. But that hasn’t worked out very well for her either.


I’m not sure what the new speechwriter has been doing, but it doesn’t seem to have helped her here. But LIFE — IT’S EXCITING!

When you don’t know what to say, just wave your arms and say “exciting” over and over again.

This is a truly fascinating topic if you went into details about the things that they were working on and you knew what you were talking about. If she was able to say something beyond “think about it” and “exciting.” But she never appears to have a deep understanding of what she’s talking about. She always sounds like she’s trying to say something profound to five-year-olds, but she never quite gets there and she’s talking to adults.

Dave Rubin made a great comparison.


Let’s remember some more of those profound moments with Kamala.

But this is who the Democrats put in this position which only goes to show how little they truly care about the safety of the nation and having someone competent in the position.


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