Chris Hayes Wants Everyone to See What Greg Gutfeld Said on Abortion -- and We Agree

Democratic politicians like to pretend that they are in the mainstream when it comes to their position on abortion, though many seem to believe that there should be no restrictions at all, which is a radical position.


Most Americans don’t support that position — they believe there should be restrictions on such things as late-term abortions.

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld was making that point on “The Five.”

“The Democratic Party has become the party of young, angry, single women, right? They place abortion before babies, right? It’s their right to have convenient up to the birth. Abortion on demand, up to the birth. That’s not a party for a family. That’s a psychosis.”

When you say you are for no restrictions, then, yes, you are allowing for abortion on demand up to the moment of birth. Here’s what a Democratic witness said during a recent Congressional hearing.

We see the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania espousing this extreme position.


A Gallup poll in June found that most Americans do not support later abortion, with 55 percent saying they are against abortion in the second trimester and 71 percent saying the procedure should not be legal in the third trimester.

But MSNBC’s Chris Hayes doesn’t seem to understand the Democrats have an extremist position on this. He called for what Gutfeld said to be “run swing states.”

Talk about committing a faux pas. Yes, please do. Let people understand how radical Democrats can be on this issue and how they aren’t in the mainstream on this. If Hayes thinks that’s the mainstream position he’s a bit delusional.

Moreover, what office is Greg Gutfeld running for? Why would it matter what he thought about abortion? But he is right about how radical the party has become and out of the mainstream on so many issues. It’s kind of funny that they think it’s some kind of hurtful comment for the right when it’s illustrative of how bad the left has gotten.


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