Get the Popcorn: Don Lemon's Defense of Biden's Despicable Attacks May Just Get Him Booted

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We saw Joe Biden demonizing the opposition, and attacking millions of Americans during a primetime national speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a completely despicable speech. It was a shocking and dangerously divisive speech, capping off a week of similar attacks.


I think the purpose is to try to whip up the base and sell doddering Joe Biden as a “fighter.” But it’s also a stunningly banana republic thing to do. He’s being the fascist of which he complains, inciting against ordinary Americans. We’re supposed to believe that millions of Americans are threatening “democracy” because they want to “Make America Great Again.” The problem for Biden and the Democrats is that the MAGA “crime” is just that they are likely to beat the Democrats in the midterms. That’s what this was all about, which was why Biden pleaded that people “vote, vote, vote” in a speech the White House claimed was non-political.

We reported how CNN’s Jeff Zeleny and Brianna Keilar surprisingly pointed out a big problem in the speech. Not that it was evil and wrong, but that it included the Marines behind Biden as he made such a political attack, something they recognized as unprecedented. But even that small correction made the folks on the left froth at the mouth against CNN, claiming they were going over to the right. The liberal tears were something to witness.

However, if you thought that was going to be the sign of changes to come with CNN, Don Lemon did his best to squash that thought. He proved that they still had a problem, going all-in defending Joe Biden even before Biden made his despicable speech.


Lemon was talking with Republican Scott Jennings who chastised what Biden had done calling millions of Republicans “fascists” and claiming that we would no longer have a “democracy” if you vote Republican. “These are not unifying messages,” Jennings observed.

Lemon just couldn’t stop himself, “Can the unifying message be that some of what he’s saying is true because there are a lot of people, I got to tell you, Scott, a lot of folks would go, where’s the lie? I don’t see no lies detected.” Perhaps Lemon would like to explain how millions of Americans are “fascists” when it’s the Democrats who are holding onto power and demonizing their political opponents? Lemon tried to insist he wasn’t calling every Republican a fascist and that Biden was “telling the truth” about what was happening in the country. “You have to call a thing a thing. You have to call it what it is. That is unifying,” Lemon claimed. How twisted is that? Now, falsely attacking millions of Americans is “unifying.”


But Lemon might have some sense that he could be in trouble for continuing to act like a Democratic operative. “I’m in so much trouble,” Lemon laughed.

CNN’s new boss Chris Licht booted Brian Stelter and word was that other “changes” were coming. The last word had been that Lemon might be safe. I’m thinking that Lemon might have just moved himself up on the list after that performance and it sounds like he may know that. No one is going to take the claim that CNN wants to change seriously when you have people like Lemon acting like that. CNN needs to clean house if they want anyone even to begin to take them seriously.


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