Here's the Reason They Don't Show the Wide Shot at Biden's Events

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden has been out to a couple of campaign-type events over the past week, including one in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

We reported how Biden was supposed to be talking about a “safer America” but he spent a lot of time attacking millions of Americans by demonizing MAGA Republicans and lying about Jan. 6. Biden is so unpopular, John Fetterman, one of the candidates Biden was stumping for, couldn’t even be bothered to show up. Biden got completely confused as to who was running for what position, what was in the Constitution, and showed off his ignorance about guns.


Biden also mocked people needing guns to potentially have to defend themselves from an oppressive government, telling them they’d need an F-15.

Talk about another ugly look and “threat to democracy.” That’s how he responds to people who dare question his anti-Constitutional efforts against the right to bear arms? That’s a truly twisted response.

But I wanted to note something else about that event — the visual they’re trying to sell us there with the tight shot.

If you were used to seeing Trump rallies, you would notice the Biden folks seem to be trying to imitate that look with a group of people holding signs behind him. Except unlike Trump rallies which generally have thousands of people, you get to see the wide shot to confirm that. But when you see the wide shot of the Biden event, you see the problem.

Boy, that’s a pitiful look and just straight-up embarrassing.


There was that tiny group of people set up with the signs behind him. Other than a few police officers who were there, the people behind him looked like they were probably union people who were told to come out. They looked mostly like they wished they were anywhere else. There was a bigger group of folks in front of Biden. But nothing like the thousands that come out for President Donald Trump, so the attempt to make it look like that fell pretty flat. It just looked sad.

That audience in Wilkes Barre matches with Biden’s approval being in the basement, no matter what the Democrats want to try to spin about him.


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