Stumbling Biden's Latest Approval Numbers Tell the Tale

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The Democrats have been trying to sell a new image of late when it comes to Joe Biden: “Dark Brandon” who passes legislation.

They may have been helped to some extent because Biden was on vacation for most of the month of August, so people weren’t being reminded every day of how horrible he is.


Biden had a brief pop-up in some of the polls. For example, he went up to 41 percent in the Reuters/Ipsos poll last week and the Democrats celebrated as though this was some kind of major comeback. 41 percent approval with 54 percent disapproval would still be an indication of getting wiped out in the midterms by most of the normal measures. But Democrats were being Democrats, they trumpeted that, trying to spin nothing into something.

But if Biden and the Democrats thought they were going to buy votes with the student debt bailout, they may just have gotten an answer about how well that is going to work — as in, not at all. Reality hit Biden this week — his approval is back down to 38 percent approval and 58 percent disapproval, close to the lowest of his time in office.

That’s a net drop of seven percent in one week. That’s a pretty big drop for that time span. On top of that, it’s with a Democrat +9 poll which is just a ridiculously imbalanced poll, yet it’s still that low for Biden. So you know that Biden is truly in the basement. Biden’s lowest number in the Reuter’s poll was 36 percent approval in June, but it’s been underwater since August of last year, and in the basement for months.


Who would have thought giving a bailout to a select group of people was a bad political move and might not go over well with the rest of the Americans who would also have to pay for it? Just anyone with any kind of sense. Not to mention how wrong and illegal it is. Looks like that backfired big time. This also came after Biden began demonizing millions of Americans by calling them “semi-fascists” and saying he didn’t respect MAGA Republicans. While that might make the radical left happy, that isn’t going to go over well with most Americans. On top of it all, the number one issue continues to be the economy which is still in the dumper with inflation still crushing people and probably about to get worse because of the falsely named Inflation Reduction Act as well as the student loan bailout.

So Democrats can spin what they will, but it looks like that “comeback” just died.


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