Fetterman Didn't Show for Joe, as Biden Lapses Into Complete Confusion

As we previously reported, Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania trying to stump for candidates there.

He went right into his tactic of attacking half the country and demonizing millions of Americans, as well as lying about Jan. 6.


But as we noted, he also had a small problem in that at least one candidate he was stumping for wasn’t even there. John Fetterman blew him off and didn’t show up at the event that Biden was at, which shows you just what Democrats are thinking about Joe Biden right now.

Fetterman’s people tried to justify it, saying he would be at another event where Joe Biden was also at in the future, “John will not be at the Wilkes-Barre event with Biden, but he will be marching in the Labor Day parade in (PGH) next week, & he looks forward to talking to the President there about the need to finally decriminalize marijuana.”

But all of that likely didn’t help Biden as he lapsed into complete confusion — failing to get straight who was running for what position in Pennsylvania.

Josh Shapiro who is presently the attorney general is running for governor, and Fetterman, who is presently the lieutenant governor is running for the Senate. Biden got it all confused, “Please, please elect the attorney general to the Senate. Elect that big ol’ boy to be governor [Fetterman].”

Not the best look when this is the supposed leader of your party and he has no idea what he’s talking about.


That wasn’t the only thing that he was confused about. Maybe he has a problem with the Constitution and what’s legal and illegal because he doesn’t know what’s in it. Here’s the guy who’s supposed to hold the highest position in the land and defend the Constitution but he reveals he’s completely confused about what’s in it.

Constitution, Declaration — eh, all the same thing, right? In Joe’s benighted mind. He’s not just confused about it, he’s doing a lousy job of upholding the tenets espoused in the Constitution. The people behind him look like they can’t quite believe it and look about as unenthused as any campaign audience could be.

The theme of Biden’s remarks was a “safer America” which is incredibly ironic because he spent the time demonizing millions of Americans, and under him, it’s become not only a less safe America but far more expensive. He also spent his time attacking guns. He’s incredibly ignorant about them. He keeps repeating the same false points over and over again, seemingly unable to stop himself, talking about crazy things like cannons and kevlar vests on deer.


Every time he says “not a joke,” it’s a tell — you know that what he is talking about is not true/is a joke/is nuts.

But he did add a new piece of confusion into his standard repertoire — a nonsense talking point about the evil AR-15. Biden claimed the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times faster than the bullet out of any other gun.

This is of course complete nonsense, as many pointed out and he should be reported to the social media disinformation police for that one. The replies are hilarious.

But it’s more than a little concerning when you have someone this ignorant in charge of anything, let alone the country.


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