The Atlantic Goes Over the Edge in Its Attack on the Rosary

We’ve seen people on the left have a lot of extreme takes to demonize those who think differently or who may not act in line with the liberal narrative.

It’s even involved the FBI — with them demonizing patriotic American symbols like the Gadsden flag or the Betsy Ross flag as “extremist.”


One of the venues that engage in such takes is The Atlantic.

But they went over the edge with their latest effort — claiming that the rosary has become an “extremist symbol.” The article depicts the rosary using bullet holes and erroneously refers to it as a “sacrament.”

First, let’s start with the fact that if you don’t even know what the sacraments are, don’t pretend like you’re conveying anything that is at all accurate. There are seven sacraments in the Catholic Church — the rosary is not one of them.

But then let’s go to the heart of the attack of the rosary. The Atlantic is the same outlet that plays down the attacks on pro-life centers (many of them Catholic) calling firebombing “vandalism” and attacking the right into the bargain.


Notice how the radical pro-abortion extremists aren’t termed as “extremist” in that headline, the Right is just creating a “bogeyman.” But somehow the rosary is “extremist” to The Atlantic.

Can we talk about what looks like raging anti-Catholic bigotry here? Suggesting that the rosary is a symbol of hate is hateful and ridiculous. Demonizing such an important part of the Catholic faith because some random people might post pictures of it with guns is like demonizing breathing because some people you don’t like do it.

Maybe The Atlantic is talking about extremists and the rosary, they’re talking about Joe Biden? Biden wears a rosary around his wrist that belonged to his son Beau. Biden seemed not to have a true understanding of the meaning of the rosary — for prayer to become closer to God from one of the comments he’s made in the past. “The next Republican that tells me I’m not religious,” he reportedly told a crowd in 2005, “I’m going to shove my rosary beads down their throat.”


They understandably got a ton of pushback from people. They then changed their headline to make it look like they didn’t mean what they said, almost as though they were defending the rosary.

Nice try, guys, but we saw what you meant.

The writer is right about one thing. The rosary is a weapon, but it’s a prayer weapon in the war against evil. The prayer of the rosary provides a defense, a strengthening of your faith, and your understanding of God. The only people who should have an issue with it are those who stand on the wrong side of that equation.


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