Kinzinger Finally Admits Defeat When It Comes to Donald Trump

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is out, once the new Congress comes in in January. He isn’t running again because redistricting made it more difficult for him to win.


So, throwing in with the Democrats on the Jan. 6 Committee is his disgraceful swan song on his way out the door. Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) — the other “Republican” turncoat on the Committee — is also about to get handed her walking papers by the people of Wyoming in her primary on Tuesday.

But in what is a remarkable statement for someone as clueless as Kinzinger, he told WGN-TV that he thinks President Donald Trump has beaten him in their battle over the soul of the GOP.

Asked in the exclusive interview if the former president had won the “Trump vs. Kinzinger war,” the Illinois Republican suggested there was no reason to sugarcoat reality.

“Yes, yeah, he won. In the short term, at least,” Kinzinger, one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, told WGN’s Ben Bradley. “There’s no use in pretending somehow I scored some major victory and saved the party.” [….]

“Maybe there wasn’t going to be a tidal wave of people to come over, but I certainly didn’t think I’d be alone,” he said. “We talk about democracy — Republicans like to talk about the Constitution — and yet we’re openly violating it now.”


The hubris and the cluelessness that he thought it would even be a battle, when he joined the Democrats and ignored all the evidence that rebuts his Jan. 6 narrative. Virtually all the 10 Republicans who voted against Trump on impeachment have either quit or lost their primaries.

While he was talking about the “soul of the GOP,” this may also be something of an admission that the Jan. 6 Committee has nothing. Because if they did and he thought they were going to be able to nail Trump on it shortly, he likely wouldn’t be saying that. The Committee also would have thrown it out there already, if they did have something. But so far, they’ve had nothing. That said, they are going to try to throw everything they have–and don’t have–up against the wall in an effort to get Trump before the midterms; they may have the FBI helping them in that effort.

Kinzinger also criticized Democrats for supporting Trump candidates in the primaries, instead of Republicans who voted for impeachment

“When they’re spending donor money to promote these candidates that don’t believe in democracy and then come and tell me ‘Where have all the good Republicans gone?’ that does get a little frustrating, I’ll tell you,” Kinzinger told Bradley.


More evidence of cluelessness. Hey Adam, they don’t care about you, or your fiction that you’re a “good Republican.” They don’t want “good Republicans.” They want all Republicans gone, even the ones who they’ve played like Rep. Peter Meijer (R-MI) and you. It’s all about their power and control. They would throw you under the bus in a red hot minute, just like they did Meijer. You’re a “useful idiot” to advance their power grab, and to hurt one of the few people they believe is standing in their way.

If Kinzinger even thought he was consequential in the “fight,” he was sorely mistaken.


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