Adam Kinzinger Can’t Handle It When Brit Hume Serves up Some Truth About the J6 Committee

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Cassidy Hutchinson’s story about #SteeringWheelGate blew up on the Jan. 6 Committee. The Committee was left scrambling, with even liberal media reporters asking what kind of corroboration they had for her claims to an alleged incident she hadn’t even seen that is now said to be disputed by the agents involved. Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA), Jamie Raskin (D-MD), and Liz Cheney (R-WY) stumbled all over themselves, unable to answer that question and the Secret Service made them look bad when they said the Committee hadn’t even bothered to check with them about the story. It showed that the Committee didn’t care about the truth.


But they’re so invested in pushing this narrative that one Committee member — one who is out of his job come January, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) — is now attacking Tony Ornato, one of the agents allegedly debunking Hutchinson’s story. Hutchinson said she heard the story about President Donald Trump lunging toward an agent and trying to grab the steering wheel of “The Beast” (the limo the president rides in). According to reports, Ornato is denying he ever told her any such thing and also denying it ever happened. Kinzinger is now spreading a tweet and claiming that Tony Ornato is a liar.

Of course, that tweet is from Hutchinson’s friend, the CNN political commentator who hooked her up with Cheney. But Kinzinger leaves that out. The Committee also didn’t explain that contact.

Further, Bobby Engel (the other Secret Service agent) reportedly also says it didn’t happen, and Hutchinson has had other parts of her testimony contradicted.

Meanwhile, Gen. Keith Kellogg came to Ornato’s defense.


But it’s shameful that Kinzinger is so invested in the narrative that he’s now attacking an agent that has given his life to law enforcement, serving both sides of the aisle in the Secret Service. Kinzinger doesn’t seem to care about law enforcement if the officers debunk the narrative he wants to push. This isn’t the way an unbiased Committee is supposed to work. Committee members don’t publicly take the side of one witness over the other, particularly when it’s Ornato who supposedly knows what happened. Hutchinson just heard it from Ornato.

But Kinzinger isn’t very bright. He doesn’t seem to understand what he’s saying. If Ornato were a liar — as Kinzinger claims — why are you accepting that what he supposedly told Hutchinson, to begin with, is the truth? Kinzinger wants to accept that part as the truth and then claim that he’s lying now when he reportedly says the incident never happened.

If Hutchinson is lying, she’s not going to suffer any consequences from this Democratic-chosen committee or the Biden DOJ. Ornato and Engel, on the other hand, are risking great harm to themselves because they’re still working in the government under the power of the Biden team — they’re putting their careers on the line by contradicting her and the Democratic narrative.

But that’s the problem with this “Committee” — it isn’t balanced and it is completely biased, not looking for truth or real crimes, just trying to bash Trump. Kinzinger’s comment was just the latest example. But the very structure of it has been unfair from the start.


Veteran journalist Brit Hume blasted the bias of the Committee. Both he and the Washington Examiner’s Byron York pointed out how this was not normal.

No, the problem with the Committee process is that each side gets to appoint members but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to accept the GOP-selected members. So knowing they weren’t going to get to appoint the people they wanted the GOP refused to go along with the farce. The two GOP members on the Committee were appointed by Pelosi and know to hate Trump. So the Committee is solely appointed by Democrats.

Hume firing up a little truth caused a meltdown from Kinzinger who seems to be hoping he can ride this to some higher office as opposed to just riding off into the ashbin of history as he will go in January.


No, Adam, you went along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rigged Committee because you were so invested in Never Trump, you didn’t care if you sold every one and everything down the river in the process. It’s too late to save yourself now, you bought into this mess and you can’t take it when someone is calling out the truth of what is happening here.


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