Chevron Levels Biden With a Little Honesty, Biden Reveals How Petty He Is in Response

Chevron Levels Biden With a Little Honesty, Biden Reveals How Petty He Is in Response
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The gas prices crushing Americans are an opportunity for the Democrats to achieve their radical goals. Joe Biden let that slip out when he was questioned by reporters on Monday — that this was an opportunity to “make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and across the board.” This is insanity, when renewables can’t even begin to make up for the need right now. Meanwhile, he’s been doing all he can to attack the energy industry since he came in.

Biden has attacked the energy industry since his campaign. On his first day in office, he shut down drilling on federal lands, along with the plans for the Keystone Pipeline. Even recently, amid the skyrocketing gas prices, he was still stopping drilling and canceling leases.

Yet, he blames the oil companies, yelling at them for not producing more and threatening them with action. It’s a sociopathic energy approach — attacking them, then demanding they produce more, while also saying they’re going to be phased out at the same time. What kind of business would or could operate under those unstable strictures? Only people that want to risk their shirt in what is already a pretty risky arena. It’s also not the way our country operates — the government doesn’t dictate what to produce to private industry and punish them if they don’t. That’s what happens in Communist and fascist nations.

The Chevron CEO has delivered a brilliant letter that just levels Biden.

Chevron and its 37,000 employees work every day to help provide the world with the energy it demands and to lift up the lives of billions of people who rely on these supplies. Notwithstanding these efforts, your Administration has largely sought to criticize, and at times vilify, our industry. These actions are not beneficial to meeting the challenges we face and are not what the American people deserve.

While today’s geopolitical situation is contributing to this energy crisis, bringing prices down and increasing supply will require a change in approach. You have called on our industry to increase energy production. We agree. Let’s work together. The U.S. energy sector needs cooperation and support from your Administration for our country to return to a path toward greater energy security, economic prosperity, and environmental protection.

We need clarity and consistency on policy matters ranging from leases and permits on federal lands, to the ability to permit and build critical infrastructure, to the proper role of regulation that considers both costs and benefits. Many of these elements are described in our industry’s recently released 10-point plan. Most importantly, we need an honest dialogue on how to best balance energy, economic, and environmental objectives – one that recognizes our industry is a vital sector of the U.S. economy and is essential to our national security.

Chevron’s letter recognizes the importance of the nation’s needs, our national security, and the American people.

Joe Biden’s response? Not so much.

REPORTER: “The Chevron CEO […] said that your administration has largely criticized the oil & gas industry & […] would need to take a change in approach in order to make progress in reducing energy prices.”

BIDEN: “I didn’t know they’d get their feelings hurt that quickly.”

He wants them to increase their refining capacity — while he admits he’s trying to phase them out, and he’s lying about “9,000 fields.” Some leases/permits don’t necessarily have oil or the ability to drill on them because of restrictions, but the Biden team keeps throwing that number out there like it’s something. Are we supposed to believe that oil companies wouldn’t drill if they could? He wants to get them to save his bacon for the midterms, while still trying to end them. It’s nuts. And meanwhile, Americans are the ones being hurt in the process of his mad dash to impose his radical environmental agenda. This just makes everything more unstable.

But that’s Joe Biden — his goals and control are the priority, not America or the American people. He’s demonized an industry to do them in, and now he wants them to save him. Unfortunately for him and the American people, they can’t turn on a dime after all the harm he has caused. This just shows how truly petty and harmful he truly is.

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