WATCH: Delicious and Disastrous Self-Own on Voting by DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

AP Photo/Meg Kinnard

The reign of Jaime Harrison as the head of the DNC has been fraught with a bit of conflict.

I wrote back in January about the conflict that he was having with the White House; they allegedly didn’t feel he was carrying the flag for the party enough–that he wasn’t defending Biden enough or getting out on the road enough.


Meanwhile, the White House is upset with him for not traveling to meet with donors or being at DNC headquarters, but rather staying in South Carolina. And no one has managed to figure out how to get Joe Biden’s numbers out of the basement. This description of tension came from “two dozen current and former DNC officials, White House officials, fundraisers, donors, and Democrats.” So it sounds very well-sourced. Two sources are even saying he’s been so frustrated he’s considered an escape route. He wants to run for Congress but he can’t do anything that’s going to step on Democratic toes.

“There’s blame to be shared,” said a person familiar with the dynamics who added that the White House has not been able to devise an effective political strategy or a clear message for Harrison to carry to help reverse Biden’s slide. “Has he demonstrated that he’s going to move heaven and earth to raise money and defend the administration? No. But it’s pretty impossible to defend what’s happening and not happening.”

That last part, on him not getting on the road enough, makes this next story especially ironic.


Harrison was doing a remote interview about the primary in South Carolina — his home state. But then, the interview suddenly went south when the host asked him if he voted in the primary. This is likely something you may not see again, and a delicious self-own.

He said he was “supposed” to have gotten back home “today” to vote, but did not. The host rightly flips out on him, saying, “The head of the DNC did not vote?” Watch the shocked eyes of the silent guy on the left of the screen. I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyebrows go up that high.

“Well, it’s because I couldn’t,” Harrison lamely protested. She continues to excoriate him, saying he could have voted early. “See this is what happens,” she scolds him. “Twenty to thirty million people sit home, thinking they’re going to be able to vote[and then don’t].”


But, what does that say, when he can’t even do enough to get himself out to vote? How is he working to get anyone else out to vote? Not that I mind so much because that’s great for the Republicans, but geesh, it’s your darn job. It should be your highest priority–above virtually everything else. It’s a statement of what they think of their candidates and their chances, if they can’t even do that. And if they’re not even interested in voting for their own people, why should we?

We’ll vote for people who care about their jobs and who they are serving. Right now, that surely isn’t the Democrats.


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