Nancy Pelosi's Unprincipled Response to Assassination Attempt on Kavanaugh

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After an armed man was arrested in an aborted attempt to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh, you would think that the House would move on the bill to provide more protection for the justices from the many threats they now seem to be facing. But according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), while the Senate passed the bill unanimously a month ago, the House Democrats blocked it again on Wednesday night and are still stalling.


McCarthy observed this was the same party that has encouraged political pressure on the justices. He noted former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s comments that failed to condemn the protests that were trying to pressure the justices into ruling as the Democrats want, a violation of federal law. Indeed, she encouraged the protests to continue outside the justices’ homes, and affirmed: “That’s the president’s position.”

Biden and the White House never even condemned the SCOTUS leak of the draft opinion to begin with. McCarthy then repeated the threats of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer against Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch, saying, “You wouldn’t know what hit you” if you go through with these “awful decisions” — a specific intimidation against the justices directed at changing their opinions.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hasn’t seen any reason to pass the bill for the last month, as the threats have now increased. Once again, on Wednesday, she seemed unconcerned and in no hurry. She was asked by reporters why, when there had been a threat against Justice Kavanaugh’s life.


This seems like such a spiteful, petty move on her part. There’s no rush when it comes to the protection of the justices with whom she disagrees. An assassination effort doesn’t speed her up. But for her protection from a three-hour riot, there were immediate fences and they remained up for months. While she holds up Jan. 6 constantly as a “threat to democracy,” she doesn’t see the threat from her actions and others on the left to the preservation of the independence and non-political action of the Supreme Court.

A month ago, she was encouraging the public to pressure the justices to “improve” the opinion over the “first draft,” saying that “public opinion” could do a lot. The Supreme Court isn’t supposed to be about public opinion, and they aren’t supposed to be subject to political pressure. That’s the whole point of why they have life tenure — they’re supposed to only be thinking about making a decision based on the law and the Constitution. To have a House Speaker not understand that basic concept and try to undermine the Court is extremely concerning.


They need to enforce the law that prohibits such intimidation of justice and arrest them all and Democrats need to be pressed to condemn these actions. As Fox’s Dana Perino notes, if Biden and the Democrats don’t take a stand on this, “they are complicit.”

This shows how little they truly care about the law or “our democracy.”


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