Jen Psaki and James Corden Bring Maximum Cringe to WH Correspondents' Dinner

Jen Psaki and James Corden Bring Maximum Cringe to WH Correspondents' Dinner
Jen Psaki and James Corden during skit at WHCD 2022. (Screenshot credit: RNC Research/Twitter)

The White House Correspondents’ Association threw their traditional dinner on Saturday. My colleague Becca Lower did a good breakdown of some of the highlights and the lowlights, and my colleague Bonchie hit on how Joe Biden thought it was just fine to laugh at how his policies have so hurt Americans and others.

The event is supposed to be comedic, and it did have some funny moments. But, some of it was also a reminder of how false this idea is that the “adults are back in charge” — and how much in the pocket of the Democrats most of these “journalists” are.

They had an opening skit for the event, which featured late-night comedian James Corden, who hosts CBS’ “The Late Late Show.” The idea was that Corden was talking over from White House Press Jen Psaki, getting a briefing on how to do her job, and then responding to questions from reporters. Needless to say, his experience doesn’t go well, and he ultimately is tossed from the job. But he likely did better than Psaki in the role.

One of the cringiest parts was Psaki explaining how to do her job to Corden. Corden panders and says he knows that the people in the White House “work long hours.”

Corden can’t possibly be talking about Biden, who often calls early “lids” to the day and spends most weekends on vacation in Delaware. The evening’s host, “Daily Show” comedian Trevor Noah, didn’t do any better — in fact, if anything, what he said was more cringe. He joked about all of Joe’s vacation time by saying something like, “Can you blame him? D.C. is awful!” So lame.

But back to Psaki and Corden. The way she explained the job to him was a window into their talking points, which often had no relation to reality–such as “CDC good” and “economy strong”–when people are being crushed by the inflationary economy that Joe Biden has helped to usher in. They keep trying to sell us this, and the more they say this, the more their polls drop because Americans know the money is flying out of their pockets to have to pay for all these spiraling costs.

Indeed, the concern now is that we are on our way to a recession, and Joe Biden is pretending no one is saying that, just like he claimed for months that inflation wasn’t reality.

Corden’s response to the indoctrination is weak at best. In response to the economy remark, he just asks, “Is it?” No, James, it isn’t. That’s a place for comedians to take a real shot — to bring a little honesty to the situation. But he doesn’t. He does say the CDC is pissing him off, but doesn’t take Psaki or Biden to task over it.

The “Kim and Pete” is a reference to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating, to which Psaki responds that they love “love around here.” That’s about the level of where they’re at, at this point, with the Biden Administration.

Corden takes questions from the White House pool reporters in the briefing room, including Fox’s Peter Doocy, who plays himself in the skit. That interchange, at least, had some level of truth in dealing with how the Biden Administration refuses delivery on reality.

From Daily Mail:

Doocy asks the ‘interim-press secretary’, ‘When the president says one thing, and White House staff say something else, who are we supposed to listen to? The president, or White House staff?’

‘Well you know what, David,’ Corden says, appearing fed up by the questions from all the reporters.

‘That’s not my name,’ Doocy quickly replies.

‘You say your name is not David. I say your name is David,’ Corden snaps back.

‘And I’m stood up here and you’re sat down there – unless you wanna be sat at the back with whoever they are’ Corden added as he threatened to move Doocy to the far-end of the press room.

Psaki comes in at the end and tells Corden the job isn’t for him. Yet, the funny thing is his answers were not far off what she does — simply refusing to answer any problematic questions.

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