Biden Refuses to Be Transparent About Who's Visiting Him in Delaware

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

I reported how Joe Biden left D.C. yesterday, fleeing the many crises that are blowing up on his watch to go on vacation back to his home in Delaware and to Camp David.


This, after he had a four-day weekend vacation last weekend, not coming back to the White House until afternoon on Tuesday.

So he basically had two days of work and then was off again. Nice “work” if you can get it right.

In the first six months, he’s now taken 17 trips home to Delaware.

But while he’s claimed that he’s going to bring back “transparency and trust” (yeah, sure), there’s a small problem there when it comes to what he’s doing in Delaware. He’s refusing to release the logs of who is visiting him there. So basically if he wanted to meet with someone on the sly — neurological doctors, Hunter Biden art procurers or whoever, relatives with conflicts of interest — and did so there, you wouldn’t know about it.

When White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about this, she gave a snippy answer.


“I can confirm we are not going to be providing information about the comings and goings of the president’s grandchildren or people visiting him in Delaware,” Psaki declared. So in other words, once again, with Joe Biden, you were sold something that wasn’t true. It was all a sham. But how dare you ask about it, you peasants! The reporter had also asked about Hunter Biden’s art sales and why they were limiting the number of reporters in the East Room.

Why does this transparency about Delaware matter? As we saw when Joe Biden was Vice President, he visited with Hunter Biden’s business associates at the VP residence and in the White House according to the reports. He later lied about it, saying he never met his son’s business associates and knew nothing about his son’s business. But the pictures nail him.

As Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch observed, this “makes a mockery” of the transparency that Biden promised.


From NY Post:

“It’s an easy way to bypass the alleged transparency they’re promising,” Fitton said.

“If they’re going to take the position that this information should be public, what are they hiding when it comes to visiting his home? The presidency doesn’t stop when he’s visiting Delaware,” Fitton added.

“He is presumably doing work. So the public has an interest in knowing who is visiting him there. Is Hunter [Biden] visiting him? … [Joe Biden] is the one who had Hunter at the vice president’s office meeting with his business partners.”

Fitton was kind saying he was “presumably doing work.” They’re probably putting him there more often because it reduces the risk of issues of his deterioration which would be more noticeable in the White House. But if he’s allegedly always working as president as Psaki claimed, then where are the logs?


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