Biden's Brain Breaks, Then What He Said About Kids in School Will Make Parents Shudder

At this point, I wonder what the Biden staff must be thinking every time they let him loose and he starts talking. They must collectively hold their breath and hope that he doesn’t mess up too much. But unfortunately, their fears–frequently–are realized.


On Wednesday, Biden gave some remarks during the White House event to honor the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year. But apparently, he spoke at a point when he said he wasn’t “supposed to.”

Then he said he was going off-script, “My staff’s going, ‘why aren’t you giving the speech we wrote?’”

Biden told the assembled teachers that he had to “really listen to [them], as I know Senator Cardona has been doing.”

Miguel Cardona is his Secretary of Education; Biden just forgot what the title of his own cabinet secretary is. Cardona was never a senator.

Then Biden went on to talk about teaching, learning, and students. So of course he had to talk about his own “teaching” as a “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania after he left being vice president. He spoke about how “hard” it was. Except he never taught any classes; he gave a few talks on the campus and for that, he got about $900,000.


According to a compilation of Biden appearances by the Daily Pennsylvanian, Biden visited campus at least nine times. One of the visits was a November 2017 event promoting his book “Promise Me, Dad.”

The other Biden visits included Q&As with UPenn administrators, one lecture to Wharton business school graduate students and public events with former Mexican President Felipe Calderon and former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Would that we all had such a “hard” job!

Then he revealed a basic problem of leftist belief: that the children belong to the “village” or the government. “They’re all our children,” Biden says. He continues to say that the “children” belong to the teachers.

“They are not somebody else’s children. They’re yours when you’re in the classroom.” Um, Joe? They are somebody else’s children.

But that’s what they think — that’s why they think they can dictate over the parents and what the parents want for their children. It’s the very thing at the heart of so many of the cultural fights in which we are immersed.


But, who did Biden see as the “victims” in the culture wars? Teachers.

Then he gave yet another “reason” as to why he got into politics — the reason seems to constantly change, depending upon who he may be pandering to at the time.

“I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyone can commit is abuse of power,” Biden declared. Has he checked the mirror lately and all he has done to abuse his power? The latest just was announced on Wednesday — he’s going to have the DHS set up a “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat misinformation going into the 2022 midterms. So, can we expect the effort to suppress any truthful reports that might make Biden or the Democrats look bad, just as the liberal media did in 2020? Welcome to the Ministry of Truth.


Then finally, there was this golden moment of oratory. Oh, my. You can see his brain break right in the middle of the sentence.

“What was the reason why we led the world beginning around 19, 5, 6, and 7 and 8?” Biden said. What is he trying to say? At this point, if we’re always trying to figure out what he’s trying to say, we’re in big trouble. What must foreign governments think, when they see things like this? We have led the world — but how do we continue to do that with a man who can’t even coherently talk about it?


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