Kamala Embarasses Herself Badly With Her Solution to Inflation

The deficiencies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have, unfortunately, become public knowledge for all the world to see, not just Americans. It’s a bad thing for America and the world when foreign countries are mocking the competence of the alleged leader of the free world.


A comedy program on Saudi TV even made fun of them in a skit that went viral. It focused on Biden’s incoherence and sleepiness, with Kamala Harris having to save him and demanding people clap for him. The program was on the mark in a lot of ways from the suit they had Kamala wearing to her basic role of being a backup for Biden.

Unfortunately, the backup isn’t much better and it’s one of the things that gives 25th Amendment hawks pause.

We seem to be on perpetual “word salad watch” when it comes to Kamala Harris — when she doesn’t know what to say, she fills in the gap with a word salad spew often, just repeating what she’s asked in a way that she hopes sounds important and significant but, unfortunately for her, sounds like what it is — empty words, signifying nothing.

Harris answered a few questions at a Sheet Metal Worker’s Union event. Naturally, the questions were focused on inflation — the big question that the Administration seems clueless as to how to deal with, but that is a great concern to Americans. It’s at its highest rate in 40 years.


“I acknowledge one must acknowledge that prices are going up,” Kamala responded. No kidding. Ya think? “People are working hard. And in many cases, are worried if they can get through the end of the month and make it all work.” And? Solutions? Suggestions? Not so much.

Harris was asked, “People just want an endpoint. Do you have an endpoint to give them?” That’s not an easy answer as to when it would end, but Kamala didn’t even have an answer at all.

“What I can say is that people deserve to know that their president, that our administration, is concerned enough to do something about it, so that is what we are doing.” You’re being concerned? That’s a thing? What does that do to change anything? What can I buy with that concern? It’s not worth much. Again, that’s not an answer. That’s always been the thing with Democrats — pitching how concerned and caring they are. But then, their policies just make everything worse. But they care. They really, really do.


But I will note, at least in this interview, Harris is following CDC guidance about wearing a mask. She and the Administration caught a lot of flak for her not wearing a mask during the Ketanji Brown Jackson White House event at the end of last week, after being in close contact with her Communications Director Jamal Simmons who had COVID. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki lied her head off about that incident, falsely stating that Harris “socially distanced” during the event and wore a mask inside. Neither claim was true. Psaki’s lies have gotten worse as she gets closer to her departure out the door to MSDNC.


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