More Evidence Blows up Joe Biden's Lies About Hunter's Business Dealings

Joe Biden has repeatedly lied saying that he knows nothing about his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

As I noted previously, there are pictures, emails, and the account of Tony Bobulinski that show that isn’t true.


But now there’s another piece of evidence that blows up that lie.

Fox has emails that show Joe Biden even wrote a college recommendation for the son of a Chinese executive who was in a business relationship with his son Hunter.

Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR asked Hunter and his business associates, Devon Archer and Jim Bulger, for help with his son’s college effort on Jan. 3, 2017, when Joe Biden was still Vice President.

“Gentlmen[sic], please find the attached resume of my son, Chris Li. He is applying the following colleges for this year,” Li writes, listing Brown University, Cornell University, and New York University.

Li goes on to attach an “updated version” of his son’s “CV” in a subsequent email.

Hunter’s associate, James Bulger, cc’ing Hunter and Archer, replies saying they have “received the updated version of the CV.”

“Lets [sic] see how we can be helpful here to Chris,” Bulger writes.

Several weeks later, on Feb. 18, 2017, Eric Schwerin, who served as president of Rosemont Seneca, replied to Li.

“Jonathan, Hunter asked me to send you a copy of the recommendation letter that he asked his father to write on behalf of Christopher for Brown University,” Schwerin wrote.

“The original is being FedExed to Dr. Paxson directly at Brown,” Schwerin wrote. “It should be there by Tuesday at the latest (given Monday is a holiday here in the U.S.). Let us know if you have any questions. Best, Eric.”

Dr. Christina Paxson is the president of Brown University.

Li replied: “Hi Eric, Just see the email. It is just great! Thank you very much!”

“And Hunter, thank you very much too,” Li continued. “All the best to you all.”


There’s another connection here, too. In 2013, Joe Biden took Hunter to China on Air Force 2, where Hunter met with Li and introduced him to his father. 12 days after that trip, the private equity fund, BHR Partners, was approved by the Chinese authorities. Li was chief executive. Hunter was a board member and had a 10 percent interest in it, which interest he still had into 2021. Hunter Biden’s attorney claimed in November 2021 that he had divested. Here’s more on the relationship between BHR and the Chinese government.

So I have a question for Joe Biden. What’s his explanation for this? How does he write a recommendation for the child of someone he knows nothing about since he claims he knows nothing about his son’s business dealings? Perhaps he’d like to explain this? And at what point do the lies just become too much? Just how compromised is Joe Biden? The Republicans are pressing this on the Senate floor but there needs to be a lot more attention to it. How much does there have to be before we get real action on this and answers from Joe Biden?

The White House is refusing to comment on this, according to Fox. “We don’t comment on the laptop,” White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates said. I get they don’t want to comment. Because they have no response that wouldn’t get them into more trouble.



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