Hunter Biden Took at Least 23 Flights Thru Joint Base Andrews, Home of Air Force One and Two

Remember when Joe Biden claimed that he had never spoken to his son Hunter about his business dealings?

From AP:

“I have never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period,” Biden told reporters at a campaign stop in South Carolina. [….]

“There will be an absolute wall between personal and private and the government,” he said. “There wasn’t any hint of scandal at all when we were there, and I will impose the same kind of strict, strict rules. That’s why I never talk with my son or my brother or anyone else in the distant family about their business interests, period.”


Of course, there were a few problems with that tale, including the NY Post story about an email indicating that Joe had met with one of Hunter’s Ukrainian business associates.

Then there was this picture of Joe and Hunter with one of Hunter’s reported business partners, a Kazakh oligarch.

But it was hard to get around that Joe flew Hunter on Air Force Two with him to China in 2013, where Hunter met with Jonathan Li. 12 days after that trip, the private equity fund, BHR Partners, was approved by the Chinese authorities. Mr. Li was chief executive. Hunter was a board member and had a 10% interest in it.

We also reported on information indicating that he was alleged to have taken other flights to China with his father.

Now, according to a new book from Alex Marlow, Secret Service records show that Hunter Biden took “411 trips, including to 29 foreign countries and 23 trips through Joint Base Andrews, from 2009 to 2014.”

The importance of the Joint Base Andrews trips is that they were during the period when his father was Vice President and that’s the base for Air Force One and Air Force Two. So where was Hunter going, presumably with his father if he was aboard Air Force Two? We know at least the one flight in 2013 was to China, but this would obviously indicate there were many other flights.

So just exactly what was Hunter doing on those flights? Where were he and Joe going? And why wasn’t this covered by the legacy media before?


Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence blasted the media for not only not covering this kind of information on Hunter Biden, but standing in the way of it coming out.

“The revelation of Hunter Biden’s trips through Joint Base Andrews is further proof of the corporate media’s utter corruption and blinding partisanship,” Nunes told Breitbart News exclusively on Sunday. “They dismissed, ridiculed, and censored reporting on Hunter’s obvious conflicts of interest for the sole purpose of helping Joe Biden’s election prospects. The corporate media has fully merged with the Democratic Party, and their reporting is indistinguishable from crude Democrat talking points.”


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